7th Grade Weekly Note

Good afternoon, parents!

It was a busy week throughout the school, and the seventh grade was no exception.

On Tuesday we visited the Penn GRASP robotics lab, where we saw lots of different robots and robotic technologies and heard from various engineers and roboticists about their work. We saw large and small quadcopter drones and learned about how they’re learning to sense and respond to their environments more autonomously. We watched some other robots play soccer, looked through their eyes to see as they do, and learned how humanoid robots might help us in the future. Finally, we listened to a presentation from Jake’s wife Elizabeth about her research in nanorobotics. Be sure to get the highlights and impressions from your children!

This morning lots of seventh graders performed in the middle school recital (bravo, everyone!) and then departed with their Spanish classes to enjoy some Mexican and Venezuelan food at local restaurants. In the afternoon we enjoyed a dance lesson led by the students in the Swing Dancing intensive. It was a fun and active way to end the week.

As you know, next week the seventh grade will be taking the ERB tests. We spent time in academics this week discussing each section and familiarizing students with the format and user interface of the online test. It is imperative that students get good rest this weekend and take care of themselves -- getting a full night’s sleep, eating well, and staying hydrated. These will all help students be at their mental best going into and during the tests. 

Students will have 10-15 minute breaks between each testing section, during which they can get up, move around, and have a snack. Students may chew quietly on gum or mints during testing, but no other food will be allowed during tests. If you have any lingering questions about ERBs, don’t hesitate to contact your child’s advisor and/or the Learning Resources team. Students are able to use calculators for one of the math sections, but we will not provide calculators. If your child would like to use one, s/he must bring one from home. 

Finally, next Friday is our annual EATS fundraising event. If you are interested in attending and have not yet gotten your ticket, you can do so here. We hope to see many of you there for a night of delicious food, drinks, and merriment!

Until next week,

David, Steve, Jake, and Melanie