7th Grade Weekly Note

Good afternoon, parents!

We hope you are ready to relax and celebrate the long weekend with family and friends. At school this week we were busy working on our spoken word projects, and we had our first performances on Tuesday. They were powerful and heartfelt, and we look forward to hearing pieces from the rest of the class next Tuesday. 

Middle schoolers also had the opportunity this week to share their Intensives work with other groups. From comics to swing dancing to GIS mapping to infant care, our middle schoolers were immersed in lots of learning this term. Be sure to ask your child what they worked on and what they saw. A special acknowledgement is due to Jake and Lois, whose Let's Go Lobbying intensive took students to Harrisburg to lobby our state legislators on behalf of causes and policies they spent the term researching. 

We've also been pulling together our 7th grade documentary, "52." It will be coming together until the final days of the year, but you can enjoy an updated preview below. 

All the best and enjoy the long weekend!

David, Melanie, Jake, and Steve