Seventh Grade Weekly Note

Good afternoon, parents,

It’s been a wonderful, full week here in the seventh grade. Here are some highlights!

In language arts this week, we began reading William Golding’s novel Lord of the Flies. Throughout our reading we will be exploring the allegorical and symbolic aspects of the text in order to explore more deeply our fall essential questions. This dense and troubling text, combined with the current presidential election, will provide our students plenty to think about as they consider how power, fear, and ingroup/outgroup dynamics can affect communities and places. Be sure to ask your child this weekend how the book is starting out and what they think may happen.

This Tuesday, we split up into two groups in order to continue working on ongoing math and science projects at The Schuylkill Center and to take a visit to Heritage Farm, a sustainable urban farm right here in Philly. Manager Adrian Galbraith-Paul, one of Zagat Philadelphia’s "30 Under 30" people to watch in the city’s food industries, gave us a tour of the farm, discussed some of their sustainable practices, and led us in a tasting of some of their field greens -- mizuna, golden frills mustard, purple mustard, arugula, and Tokyo bekana. Ask your child for his/her tasting notes this weekend; they may have some suggestions on greens to add to your next salad. It was a brief but delicious introduction to Heritage, where we will return in the spring. Check out the pictures here!

Speaking of Tuesday trips, thank you to those parents who have volunteered to be chaperones for our class trip to the Franklin Institute’s robotics exhibit on Tuesday, November 8!

Finally a few reminders for upcoming events: First, just one more plug to make sure that you’ve scheduled your fall parent-teacher conference with you child’s advisor. Links to the appropriate Doodle polls are here

Second, all parents are invited to attend the school's second Parent Coffee next Tuesday morning at 8:15 a.m. The topic will be how to talk to kids about the election. Finally, Halloween is just around the corner, and we would like to remind you and our students that TPS has chosen not to celebrate Halloween this year, so students should not be planning on wearing costumes to school.

Thank you, and have a great weekend!

Steve, Jake, Melanie, and David