7th Grade Weekly Note

Happy Friday, Parents,

We hope you are enjoying the more spring-like temperatures this week. The kids certainly are, as we ascend out of the long winter of our research -- first drafts were due today! These drafts are the culmination of great efforts in research, inquiry, composition, and organization. To appreciate the products of these efforts, we are sending home a parent review rubric for you to use in evaluating your child’s draft over the weekend. On it, they have identified specific areas in which they would like you to focus your critiques and comments. Using this feedback, along with teacher notes and edits, students will work to complete a final draft over the course of the next week. Be on the lookout for the letter and rubric describing the process this weekend!

As you know, the Seeds of Change Unit builds up to this research project and our learning celebration, which will happen Thursday, March 10, from 5:30-7:00PM. This week the class brainstormed possible formats for this event and voted on their favorites. Next week, committees will meet to plan how we will decorate our space, present our projects, and welcome and guide visitors in accordance with our selected theme. It will be a night to celebrate and admire all the hard work your children have done on this unit, their research, and in putting together the learning celebration itself. Please mark your calendars if you have not already!

Next Thursday, March 3, from 6:00-7:30pm, TPS will host an exciting event in collaboration with CHOP entitled Solving the Mysteries of Science. The event aims to illuminate the purposes and processes of medical research, as well as how we all benefit from such research in our everyday lives. The CHOP panel features leaders within their fields of clinical research presenting their work alongside some of our own middle school students. This is an amazing opportunity for students and families interested in STEM or medical fields -- for more information and to RSVP, please follow this link http://www.tpschool.org/blog/2016/2/11/lli3ok1ob5463w5fws6seg0epwit6m .

Students are also busy preparing their conference portfolios for student-led conferences next month. If you have not yet signed up for a time slot with your child’s advisor via Doodle, please check the Parent portal on the TPSchool website. Also, if you would like to schedule a conference time with your child’s Art instructor, please use the following links:
Rick: http://doodle.com/poll/kqwpvbwingb5wzcz
Neesa: http://doodle.com/poll/hsgh6tww8y4ts98i

Thank you, and be sure that you see your child’s first draft of their research paper, along with the parent letter and assessment rubric, this weekend!

Please see the communication from the Strategic Planning Steering Committee below.

Until next week,

Virginia, Steve, and David