7th Grade Weekly Note

Good Afternoon, Parents,

We hope all is well as the nascent spring slides temporarily back into winter today. It’s a bit kooky out there, just as it has been in the seventh grade while we gear up for the grand finale of our Seeds of Change unit - the Learning Celebration next Thursday, March 10 from 5:30-7:00 PM. There you will have the opportunity to see the products of our students’ research from the past month, set within a thematic presentation space that transforms our MS7 area into a mysterious maze of ideas and intrigue. Perplexed? You’ll have to come see for yourself! Students are welcome to stay in MSAS for free that afternoon, but we must know who to expect by Wednesday - please email Virginia if you would like your child to stay in MSAS until the Learning Celebration.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks for your help reviewing and editing research papers last weekend. Your feedback was indispensable as we move from first to final drafts, which are due on Monday! Be sure to ask if there are any last minute tweaks or edits that need to happen in your child’s paper this weekend, and ensure that the final draft is printed and ready to go by class time on Monday. Each student should have a final draft checklist that you can review with them this weekend.

But a parent’s work is never done, as you know, so we ask for some additional support this weekend. This week students began their individual projects, which they will use to present their research at the Learning Celebration. This weekend they should present their presentation idea to you, including their day-to-day timeline for completing their presentation by Wednesday. They should also acquire any materials they need by Monday - there are some oddball requests we are still searching for. If you can lend any/either of the following items for student use, please let us know as soon as possible: a toy horse and jockey, or rubber bugs.

Changing topics, we want to give you a heads up about our Decisions sessions during the weeks of March 14 and 21. As you may remember, Decisions is our sex education and social/emotional challenge curriculum for middle schoolers. We intend to have the class do some independent reading and exploration of the book It’s Perfectly Normal next week, specifically of the chapters on puberty, sex, and the body. Please be ready and willing to engage, share, and discuss with them the contents of the book over the course of the week and to answer questions they might have. The book does include cartoon illustrations that might make some kids blush. We will continue addressing their questions and curiosities during Decisions, as well as signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships, changing social dynamics, and emotional health.

We’re in the Winter home stretch! Until next week, all!

David, Virginia, and Steve