7th Grade Weekly Note

Dear Parents,

This was an eventful week as we wrapped up both To Kill a Mockingbird and our geology unit. Students watched and analyzed the movie adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird and were excited to share their opinions on the director's choices. In Cultural Studies students took a two-part final exam at the end of the week. Our work continues with the rock and fossil collections, and students are using the weekend to polish their paragraphs and prepare for publication. Final collections are due next Friday, November 20.

Next week we start our week-long Mini-Courses. Students received their schedules on Friday. Homework may be lighter next week but not non-existent. Geology collection work continues, along with Rock Band rehearsal (especially for singers and instrumentalists), SSR (30 minutes a day at home), and some assignments from the various electives.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible for our Rock Band performances on Tuesday, November 24, 9:15 a.m. and 10:15 a.m., in the Garage. You're welcome to attend either concert; we will be performing the same thing at both. 

Speaking of Rock Band, we could use some help. We have a logo and are looking to print it onto transfer paper so that we can iron it onto t-shirts. The color copier transfer paper that we have, though, does not work with our school's copier. If anyone has access to one of the following color laser copiers and is willing to print the decals for us early next week, please email Virginia: Canon, Kodak, and Xerox (but NOT CLC 550, Xerox 5775, and Ricoh printers). Thanks for your consideration! (P.S. Our band's name is The Plantain Chips, and a fiery yet nutritious logo is taking shape!)

On a different note, we know that 7th grade is a time of great growth for kids, and we're noticing that many of the kids are eating their lunches at snack time, leaving them particularly hungry and unfocused by the end of the day. Please check with your child to see if s/he needs additional snacks and food to get them through the day. Water is also essential for staying hydrated and alert! 

For Middle School students who are looking for a winter Community Service job, there is a fun, hands-on opportunity coming up that involves crafts, hikes, and s'mores. (This event will take place before the winter term officially begins, so this sign-up is happening now. All students must do two community service jobs over the course of the fall, winter, and spring seasons.) We are looking for students to help run stations at Winterfest at the Schuylkill Center on Saturday, December 12, 3:00-6:00 p.m. Parents are welcome to attend the event with their kids for free. If your child can help, please email Virginia by Friday, December 4, at [email protected]

Questions to ask your child:

  • Looking at the geology collection rubric, what is one way that you will raise the bar?
  • What is your plan for completing your collection by next Friday? Do you need any help? (Students have a chart showing their intermediate deadlines; talk through it together!)
  • What mini course are you most looking forward to? Why?
  • What SSR book will you read at home next week?
  • What did you enjoy most/least about the movie adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird?


David, Steve & Virginia