7th Grade Weekly Note

Dear Parents,

We ended the week thinking about gratitude, which is a wonderful way to start this note. We teachers are incredibly grateful for your continued support, patience, and energy!

Students began a gratitude journal during checkout, which we will continue each month. (Click here to learn more about the impact and benefits of a gratitude journal.) Part of the students' reflections today included identifying someone in their lives for whom they are grateful. Over the weekend students are getting the full mailing address for this person; they may need your help in finding this. 

Matt Murray from our tech department presented another Tech Spotlight on Wednesday, which addressed how to determine if a website is a reliable resource. We identified six criteria which will be incredibly helpful this winter with our Seeds of Change research paper.

On Thursday the geology tests were returned. The cover letter includes a reflection and space for a parent signature. The cover letter and tests are due back on Monday. There is an optional test review session on Monday, 2:25 p.m. Anyone who wants to meet individually with Virginia to review their tests can coordinate this in person. Feedback on the final rock projects will come by the end of next week.

Community Service forms for the winter term are coming home today and are due back on Tuesday.

We hope to see many of you at SCEE tomorrow for Winterfest, 3:00-6:00 p.m. It promises to be beautiful weather!

Here are some questions to ask your child about the week:

  • What is something that you learned about your test-preparation skills from the geology test?
  • What is something in your life for which you are grateful? Why?
  • What are two (of the six) criteria for a reliable web resource? 
  • Do you think that the website you and your partner are assessing is reliable or not? Why?
  • Have you brought in an item for the Helping Hands food drive?

Lastly, there is an opportunity called the STEMMPREPP Project for minority students who are interested in science. This is from their website: "The STEMMPREP Project is a revolutionary training paradigm, which utilizes an early start model (7th grade) for a national pool of minority high achievers, a longitudinal training continuum (10 years) and a multi- institutional mentorship approach (13 sites).  The STEMMPREP Project has become one of the most successful training initiatives in U.S. history: 100% of our trainees attend college, 100% graduate from college, 92% complete the 10-year regimen and 83% of our college seniors matriculate into post-baccalaureate educational programs in STEMM.  Our target population is those racial groups underrepresented in the STEMM arena: African Americans, Mexican Americans, Native Hawaiians, Native Americans, and Mainland Puerto Ricans. Extensive details about the Project can be found on our website: www.thedistancelearningcenter.org. Please take a look at our three minute video."


Steve, Judith, David, & Virginia