7th Grade Weekly Note

Dear Parents,

Wow. This is our final Friday note of 2015! It's hard to believe how far we've come since September. 

We had a theatrical and musical week with our winter concert and a trip on Thursday to see Baskervilles by the Philadelphia Theater Company. It was a fun complement to our "mystery" theme! We ended the week by attending the Primary Unit's Geology Rocks play; we were among the special guests because of our shared geology connection!

In Cultural Studies students received the final rubrics for their rock collections. Please ask to see them! The collections themselves will gradually come home in January; we are displaying them in the Middle School on a rotating basis. The students should be proud of their accomplishments in this long-term project!

In advisories we continued to think about and reflect on gratitude. Students identified people in their lives for whom they are grateful and wrote letters which will be mailed early next week. This is a bold and somewhat unnerving act for many of the kids, and we are excited by the props they will get for their courage. We plan to continue our gratitude work in 2016.

In terms of gratitude, we also want to take this moment to thank Judith Parker for her incredible gift in being with us these past three weeks. While we look forward to having David back in January, we are also thankful for having such a master teacher join the team during his absence. Judith, too, shares thanks: "I have to say that I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with the seventh graders and the wonderful team responsible for their education. The students are interesting, lively people whose view of the world is illuminating to me, and I was so glad that I could spend time with them. I loved reading their poems." Thanks again, Judith!

Over winter break, there are a few assignments which are listed here and should also be noted in assignment books. Checkout forms also are coming home today and should come back on January 4.

  • Cultural Studies (also posted on edmodo): Read and take Cornell-style notes on chapters 1-2 in the Seeds of Change book. The assignment sheet includes several survey questions to help us create Seeds of Change groups in January. 
  • Reading (also posted on edmodo, Community): Students should read one SSR book of their choosing and complete 4 "metacognition" bookmarks over the course of their reading. 
  • Math: Students should complete the Mathematics League contest. This is a good way to keep thinking about and doing math over the break.

Winter break is also a good time to organize binders and restock on basic school supplies like lined paper and pencils.

Questions to ask your child:

  • What did you enjoy most about Baskervilles and Geology Rocks?
  • Are there any supplies that you need to restock over break?
  • What do you need in terms of time and space to get your work done during these two weeks?
  • What SSR book are you going to read over break?
  • What has been a highlight of 7th grade in 2015? 

Thanks again for your support. Have a happy, healthy break!


Steve, David, Judith, and Virginia