7th Grade Friday Note

Good Afternoon, Parents!

We can’t believe that April is gone...but alas! This week we concluded our visits to Heritage Farms by helping them prepare beds in one of their high tunnels for tomato planting and pull LOTS of crabgrass from a field they’ll plant later in the spring. We also concluded some math work estimating crop yields and some soil pH testing on the science front. A big thanks to Heritage and all the Heritage farmers for having us! Next week we return to the Schuylkill Center -- be sure to have your children dress in long pants and long sleeves (for tick prevention) and in weather-appropriate footwear and outerwear. Tick checks should also be part of everyone’s evening routine after a visit to the Schuylkill Center.

In language arts this week, we completed our reading of Lord of the Flies. It is a downer, to be sure, but with some important takeaways and interesting opportunities for literary analysis and criticism. In the coming weeks, students will be seizing that opportunity by writing a five-paragraph analysis of one of the text’s primary symbols or characters. At a certain point, students will need to have a parent reader review and comment on their work -- keep a lookout for it in a couple weeks!

Our study of genetics continues in cultural studies this weekend with a personal genetic survey that will help students explore and understand their own genetic legacy. This survey requires that students ask questions to someone related to them, and that someone might be you!

As we announced in the last couple weeks of Friday notes, this will be the last week that students receive weekly checkout forms. For the rest of the year, accountability and responsibility for ensuring the completion and submission of all schoolwork will rest on the students only. Incomplete and overdue/missing work will be marked as such, without written reminder. This aims to help transition students into the norms and expectations of eighth grade and beyond. Be sure to help us reinforce the importance of this transition and the logic underlying it at home. Thank you for your support!

Speaking of transitions, it’s approaching the time of year for Move-Up Meetings. Move-up meetings for middle school parents will be Monday, May 9, from 5:00-6:00PM. Please mark your calendars! As in the past, Diane is offering ASEP/MSAS during the move up meetings by taking additional students, FREE of charge, from 5:00 to 6:00pm. She is asking any parent who inquires about this to please let the front desk know, so they have an idea how many extra students to expect. Also, this is for TPS students only; we cannot offer any child care for siblings who do not attend TPS.

Finally, a big thanks and congratulations to all the 7th graders who participated in the Penn Relays and Earth Day Celebrationstoday!

Until next week,

David, Steve, and Virginia