7th Grade Weekly Note

For the final time this year...Good afternoon, parents!

Even as the year is wrapping up, we have not been winding down. Here’s what we’ve been up to this week.

Storyteller Dovie Thomason (https://doviethomason.com/) came to our cultural studies classes on Friday, June 3, to share her family’s experience with the Native American boarding schools of the 20th century. Be sure to ask your child about her story -- her delivery, her ideas, and the work that she does around the world. In cultural studies students are also working on their own final reflections and projects. Unlike other writing that we’ve done, this writing is intended to focus more about arriving at a personal truth than starting with one. Students have selected one of our Essential Questions and are looking within to gauge their own thinking, understanding, and position. The project component is a two- or three-dimensional creative piece that is intended to highlight their ideas. Final pieces are due on Wednesday. Project descriptions, resources, and other details are posted on Edmodo Cultural Studies.

In language arts, we’ve continued to work on our spoken word pieces, which we will perform for each other on our final day at the Schuylkill Center next Tuesday, June 7. It is a powerful moment of vulnerability for the group, which helps us bind and see each other at the year’s end, before we may not see each other for some time. As it is a celebration of sorts, we will also have a fire and cookout. The menu will consist of Ballpark hot dogs and buns, gluten-free Pepperidge Farms buns, Morning Star veggie dogs, Honey Maid graham crackers, Hytop marshmallows, and Dove milk chocolate. All ingredients and brands have been pre-approved by Nurse Sara for allergens, and students are allowed to bring any other snacks and beverages they would like.

Next Monday, June 6, is Move-Up Day, when students will receive their summer work packets. Be sure to ask them about their summer assignments and make sure that the physical paper comes home (though it will also be published digitally). As we look ahead to the summer, many students have identified genres of books that they have focused on for SSR, as well as those that they haven’t explored in depth. We encourage you to use lists such as the following to help your child identify several possible summer reads to push out of the comfort zone.

Questions to ask your child:

  • What essential question are you focusing on for your Cultural Studies reflection? What project did you choose to do, and why? 
  • What have you learned about yourself in preparing your spoken word piece? 
  • What are three books that you hope to read this summer?

We hope you have a beautiful, enjoyable, and relaxing summer with your families. Thank you for your support and partnership. We wish you the best going into your child’s eighth grade year!

Virginia, David, and Steve