7th Grade Weekly Note

Good Afternoon, Parents,

We are in the depths of our research paper and it is going well! We had a productive trip to the Free Library on Tuesday. Students were persistent in finding resources, and they have begun to populate their research grids will their findings. It’s possible that some will need to find additional resources. At this point, it is okay for new sources to be either print or digital, though they should be sure to vet any digital sources with the process Matt Murray described to us in our last two Tech Spotlights.

Over the long weekend, students are beginning their working outline, which will indicate their topic, thesis statement, and three supporting details. This is the framework on which they will build their first draft. They should also continue researching their questions and populating their research grids. Be sure to remind them to keep meticulous track of page numbers as they go!

The Spring Minicourse Catalog will also be published and distributed to your child’s TPSchool email this afternoon. Be sure that they review the options and submit their decisions via the form embedded in the email.

Questions to ask your child this weekend:

  • Have you found useful sources for your research topic? What questions have you answered? 
  • How does the research grid work? 
  • What is your thesis statement, and what details might you use to support it?

Enjoy the long weekend!

David, Steve, and Virginia