7th Grade Weekly Note

Good Afternoon, Parents!

It was lovely too see and connect with you all at conferences this week! Thank you for coming.

First and foremost this week, a few notes regarding two big events coming up this month. As always, we are in need of supplies such as big pots, can openers, dish towels, aprons, measuring cups/spoons, mixing bowls, cutting boards, ladles, and rubber spatulas for our Thanksgiving Feast preparation. If you are willing to lend any of the above to us (marked, of course, with your child’s initials for easy return after washing), please email your child’s advisor and send those objects along next week. We also need parent volunteers to take home and bake some of our numerous Thanksgiving lasagnas on the night of Monday, November 23. You will then return them to school in the morning for the Feast, at 11:30am Tuesday, November 24. There are many other tasks involved in putting such an event together, as you may imagine, so if you are interested in baking Monday night or helping prepare here during the day on Monday or Tuesday, please let Emily Marston ([email protected]) know as soon as possible.

Next, a note about our 7th Grade Rock Band. Preparations are ongoing here at school, and the final performances will be held at 9:15am and 10:15am on Tuesday, November 24 (yes, the same day as the Feast!). We know of a couple students who will not be here on the day of the performance -- if your child will not be here for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible! This is critically important as kids are assigned roles and responsibilities for the final performance.

For Middle School students who are looking for a winter Community Service job, there is a fun, hands-on opportunity coming up that involves crafts, hikes, and s'mores. (This event will take place before the winter term officially begins, so this sign-up is happening now. All students must do two community service jobs over the course of the fall, winter, and spring seasons.) We are looking for students to help run stations at Winterfest at the Schuylkill Center on Saturday, December 12, 3:00-6:00 p.m. Parents are welcome to attend the event with their kids for free. If your child can help, please email Virginia by Friday, December 4, at [email protected].

In Cultural Studies this week we started fine-tuning our labels using editing and proofreading symbols. Students also came up with a theme for organizing their collections and are working to sequence their labels and specimens to reflect this. Over the weekend students are making edits on their Google docs and adding specimen numbers to the actual rocks and fossils. White-Out and fine-tipped Sharpie markers work best for this step!

The final geology test is next Thursday and Friday. We will continue our test review next week in preparation.

Questions to ask your child:

  • What theme are you using to organize your geology collection?

  • How did the To Kill A Mockingbird final test go?

  • How will you study for next week's geology test?

  • What decisions has your rock band committee made?

Until next week,

Virginia, Steve, and David