Seventh Grade Friday Note

Good afternoon, parents!

Cultural Studies this week continued to explore the genetics of inheritance using Punnett squares, as well as to push into the murkier waters of race. The threads will gradually merge as we look at impacts of colonization, the dubious field of “race science,” and the ripple effects that that resonate today. Our essential questions on power, authority, and membership will guide our work.

For next week, we will be looking at various advertisements and images of celebrities to continue our conversations around depictions of race, gender, and power. If you have any popular magazines that you can send it to help our search, we’d greatly appreciate it. Magazines such as People, Us, Star, and Ok are ideal for this work. Thank you!

This past Thursday we walked to the Mutter Museum for a presentation entitled “The Science Behind the Sideshow,” as well as time to explore the galleries to better understand and appreciate the range of human form. As we read in an excerpt of Armand Marie Leroi’s Mutants, studying mutations and disorders enables us to “reverse engineer” the body to better understand its typical function. Students are taking an open-note quiz this weekend on Punnett squares.

Final Lord of the Flies papers are due, printed, in LA class on Monday. Please be sure to ask your child if they need any final help or support as they complete final read-throughs and revisions. This is the final major writing assignment of the year, and their best opportunity to demonstrate their growth as a writer and thoughtful reader.

Tonight is the annual Middle School Spring Fling. Please note that the menu for this evening consists of pizza from Gusto and water ice from John's. Please arrange for a prompt dismissal at 8:30pm (the event begins at 6:30pm in the Garage). If your child has not handed in a permission slip for the Spring Fling, he/she will not be able to attend the event. Attendees should bring $1.00 to support Philabundance in lieu of an admission fee.

Next week the seventh grade will the taking the ERB tests. Be sure to remind your children of the importance of getting plenty of sleep, drinking lots of water, packing healthy (and silent) snacks, and keeping a positive mindset.

Finally, a leadership and development opportunity for the boys in our class: the Hawklife Leadership Conference hosted by St. Joseph’s Prep on Saturday, May 21. They are looking for boys who are leaders amongst their peers; who have strong senses of compassion, civic responsibility, and service; who are good listeners; and who are strong problem solvers and strategic thinkers. If you or your child are interested, please follow this link for more information and to sign up.

Some questions to ask your child this weekend:

  • What exhibit most surprised you at the Mutter Museum, and why? 
  • Do you need help packing healthy snacks for ERBs next week?

Until next week,

David, Steve, and Virginia