7th Grade Weekly Note

Good Afternoon, Parents,

In Cultural Studies this week we wrapped up the “present” webquest on our Seeds of Change. Students are putting the finishing touches on their news stories this weekend using both peer and teacher feedback. Next Tuesday we will have a Seeds of Change Symposium featuring a host of guest speakers. Students ranked their preferences today on which talks they are most interested in attending. The goal of the symposium is for the kids to engage in conversations with experts in various fields connected to the horse, disease, corn, sugar, and potato. Ideally these discussions will pique interest and curiosity which can then be channeled into the upcoming research paper. You can take a look at the roster of symposium speakers here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Cx3Y5d2HgjRyUSRVauq7Y5uifie5RbCd_cFljqxHYmc/edit?usp=sharing .

For the research paper, we will be rearranging our schedule a little in order to merge Language Arts and Cultural Studies. This will help us best guide our students' writing process. Learning specialist Jill Garland will be pushing in several times a week to help with both group instruction and individual support. This schedule shift will begin at the end of next week as the students identify a question to pursue for their paper.

In Language Arts, we have finished the novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. In the spirit of the protagonist, students are working on a comic rooted in their own life and experience. They have completed multiple drafts over the course of the week and over the weekend will begin their final draft. Be sure to remind them to work lightly in pencil!

Thank you to everyone who donated toys to this past month's Helping Hands collection. This Sunday, Student Council will be cleaning and packing up the hundreds of items, and we'd love some more help. Please come by the Multipurpose Room this Sunday, January 31,  1- 4 p.m. Friends and family are welcome!

Questions to ask your child this weekend:

  • What are some possible topics or questions that you’re interested in researching for your Seeds of Change paper? -
  • Are there any guest speakers for the symposium whom you are particularly interested in hearing speak? 
  • What is your comic about? What have been some of the challenges you’ve had to figure out to make it?

Until next week,

Virginia, Steve, and David