7th Grade Weekly Note

Good Afternoon, Parents,

It has been a busy and fun-filled week, as always during mini-courses, in the Middle School. From filmmaking, frisbee, and forensics to salsa dancing, photography, and ping pong, our students were engaged in lots of exciting activities this week. Be sure to follow up with your child about the week; find out which mini-courses they really enjoyed and what new skills or knowledge they’ve gained.

We have just a couple important announcements and reminders looking forward to the short Thanksgiving week ahead. First, our lasagna-making team is in dire need of large pots. If you have a large cooking pot (or multiple!) that you are willing to lend to us as we prepare to feed the entire TPS community for our annual Feast, please let Emily Marston ([email protected]) know as soon as possible. We will need them on Monday.

Next, a reminder that our 7th Grade Rock Band performance will take place next Tuesday morning, before the Feast, at both 9:15 and 10:15 am. It’s shaping up to be a knockout performance, and the students are excited to see you all there! We would also like to extend a big and specific thank you to Kim, Emily, and Lisa for helping print and/or iron the band logos onto our shirts. Thank you to those who offered to help, as well!

Until next week,

David, Virginia, and Steve