7th Grade Friday Note

Good afternoon, parents!

This week we traveled to Crystal Cave in Kutztown with the Primary Unit, which is also studying geology. Hopefully you heard some details about the cave and its unusual formations! In Cultural Studies this week we investigated several famous geologists in the hopes that their names and contributions can support our rewrite of Stevie Wonder’s “Sir Duke,” the song that the kids selected to play for our rock band event in November. Everyone is working this weekend to rewrite Wonder’s lyrics with geologic terms.

Also in Cultural Studies this week we added our vacation rocks and limestone samples to our collections. Students took home a test review packet today so that they can begin to organize their materials and see what will be covered on the final test (November 12-13 -- we have plenty of time!). Please ask to see the review packet and talk over it with your child. Nothing specifically is assigned yet; we will do the questions later on as we begin to review in class.

Next week we will have an extended-day trip on Tuesday, October 27, up to the Hawk Mountain area. Students should be in the schoolyard by 7:30 a.m. We will return to TPS at 6:00 p.m. We strongly advise that you pack extra snack/lunch for your child that day.

This week we arrived at the dramatic center of To Kill A Mockingbird -- the trial of Tom Robinson. Be sure to ask your child about what happens in the trial, why it had the outcome that it did, and how s/he feels about it. We will finish the novel next week and spend the week following doing some critical reflection on the themes and events of the text.

We have had some issues in MSAS this week with students leaving school to go to the park on their own and then returning to sign in to MSAS. This is not allowed. If your child is signed up for MSAS, s/he must not leave the building and then return. In addition, the use of cell phones in MSAS is not permitted, as during the school day. (Exceptions are sometimes made with the MSAS supervisor if a parent needs to be contacted.) Please remind your child of these guidelines if s/he attends MSAS.

Thanks for your time -- until next week!

Steve, Virginia, and David