8th Grade Weekly Note

Dear Eighth Grade Parents,

Today marks the end of week-long mini courses. They have been challenging, engaging, active, and incredibly fun. This morning we shared highlights from the various courses, and everyone had specific and entertaining anecdotes to share. We hope you are hearing good things as well.

On Tuesday our field trip to the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts to study their collection of American art was enhanced by our student docents. Ian Baime, Shaina Kotay, Arthur LaBan, Lyla Forman, Thomas Kenney, Jillian Yum, Tyler Tolbert, and Sam Gualtieri spent eight weeks preparing to tour classmates and hold discussions about their favorite pieces. They were impressive!

Several of our students interviewed at Science Leadership Academy last weekend, and they came back with tips for those who are scheduled in December. Among those tips are the following: get there early so you can be among the first to register; be prepared to do a short written piece in response to a prompt; and have your presentation ready and be prepared to answer questions about why you are interested in SLA, what you have to contribute to their community, and what you hope to achieve in high school!

We trust that those applying to private schools have taken either the SSATs or ISEEs at this point. We’d appreciate all the private school paperwork now as well. We want to make sure to send the recommendations and school records before winter break to ensure that our students are among the first groups to be considered at these high schools. Those of you applying to boarding schools, please give us that paper work as well. More of us are required to weigh in on those applications, so the more time we have the better.

Students have signed up to bring in pots, bowls, can openers, etc. for our lasagna making on Monday. Please remind them to bring in these items labeled with names so we get them back to you at day’s end. We could still use help in baking lasagnas (pick up Monday, return of Tuesday). Let Emily ([email protected]) know if you can help.

Our best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving break!

Emily, Ethan, Ashley, and Wendy