8th Grade Weekly Note

Dear Eighth Grade Parents,

Most students are breathing a sigh of relief now that they have handed in their cultural studies research projects, and all students are looking forward to a week of mini-courses! Schedules were handed out at our afternoon meeting; the focus during grade/decisions block will be preparations for the trip to Puerto Rico. Special thanks are due to Jess Ford who did yeoman’s service in slotting students into courses and producing individual schedules. If you have not had time to do so, make sure to look at the catalog of offerings next week! Please note that a few mini-courses have some homework this weekend; ask your child if this applies to him/her.

All Puerto Rico forms are due. If your child is not returning with the group from Puerto Rico PLEASE make sure to let Wendy know. Right now there are eight students who will be remaining on the island with parents.

On Tuesday morning we enjoyed a visit from Liza Rodriguez, TPS parent and member of Mayor Kenney’s administration. Liza came as our Monthly Constitutional speaker to engage our students in conversation about the constitutional history and political situation in Puerto Rico; we learned how fierce Puerto Ricans are about their politics as well as how the economic downturn has effected young people on the island!

We trust that everyone has now signed up for an April conference or has contacted the advisor about any issues with the assigned day. Please contact your child’s advisor should there be any changes in your schedule as this affects not only the teacher but the child who will be leading the conference.

Please purchase a congratulatory ad in the 2016 Yearbook! Templates are available on the school blog to help make creating the ad easy. Reservations for ad space are due no later than March 21—that is the deadline for purchasing and submitting an ad.

There is homework over spring break! Students’ Puerto Rico memoirs are due April 4. In preparation for the poetry anthology project this spring, students should have a journal of at least thirty pages to collect favorite poems and poetry they will write themselves. If they have an anthology from previous years that they would like to continue to use, that would be fine. Students should come to language arts class on April 4 ready to read (or recite by heart) a favorite poem and to share why that poem is so appealing. In science, students will create a poster and report on one element from the periodic table. For math, there is a sample math placement test posted. Students are to complete it and identify concepts they need to refresh for themselves before taking their respective high school placement tests.

Continue to let us know about high school news and decisions.

Emily, Ashley, Ethan, and Wendy