8th Grade Weekly Note

Dear Eighth Grade Parents,

This morning we enjoyed meeting in our Family Circles. We will meet in this grouping once more on June 3. We look forward to this afternoon’s performance by Measure for Measure at the Fitler Square Fair and hope you can join us.

This week in cultural studies we have been looking at the role the leaders (President Eisenhower and Governor Faubus) played in influencing the events surrounding the integration of Central High in Little Rock. In addition to looking at documentary footage, we are examining telegrams, letters, and press releases that give us clues as to how the president and the governor interpreted the Supreme Court’s decision in Brown v Board of Education. Next week we will focus on the role of the media, reading excerpts from The Race Beat: The Press, The Civil Rights Struggle, and The Awakening of a Nation by Gene Roberts and Hank Klibanoff.

First drafts of graduation speeches are due on Monday, May 9. Spring Fling forms are due Monday as well. This event takes place Friday, May 13, in the Garage at 6:30 pm and ends promptly at 8:30. Attendees should bring a dollar to support Philabundance in lieu of an admission fee.

On Tuesday we look forward to meeting Attorney Deborah Klehr in our Monthly Constitutional to talk about children’s rights. This will be one of our last Monthly Constitutionals, and we thank all participants for giving us such powerful insights into the workings of the Constitution in a variety of settings.

Please read the information below about our cell phone policy: We recognize the conveniences of communicating via cell phone. However, improper use of cell phones by Middle School students during and after the school day has been disruptive and disrespectful. Thank you in advance for supporting the school's work to make responsible use of technology part of our culture here.

~ During the School Day. Students may not use cell phones during the school day without both teacher permission and supervision. Phones must be turned off and kept in a backpack, preferably stowed away in a cubby. If a student uses a cell phone during the school day without permission and supervision, any staff person can and should confiscate the phone. The phone will be given to Matt Eskin or Justine Hoffman and will only be returned to a parent or guardian, who will have to come to school to pick it up. Should that student choose to continue to bring a cell phone to school, he/she will be required to leave it at the front desk each day until the end of the school year.

~ After School. Students may not use their phones in the building after school without both permission and supervision. We understand that some parents text their children regarding pick-up times and after school plans. If you plan to communicate with your child that way, please let your child's advisor and whoever supervises your child after school know this. If a student improperly uses a cell phone after school, the above consequences will hold.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Emily, Ashley, Ethan, and Wendy