8th Grade Weekly Notes

Dear Eighth Grade Families,

Valentine’s Day would not be complete without enjoying the TPS talent show, and this year’s production certainly did not disappoint us. Thanks to the hard work of Student Council, under the able direction of Virginia Friedman and Lois West, talent was revealed from kindergarten through middle school.

We hope that students will continue to polish their lines and learn their cues over the Presidents Weekend break and come back on Tuesday ready for final rehearsals. It is important that students be present every day after February 16 so that casts can run through the entire play each day.

A reminder that two copies of the first draft of the research project, complete with revised outline and bibliography, are due on Tuesday, February 16. Students have had extensive workshop time at school for the past three weeks, so there should not be a great deal of work left to do over the weekend.

We will celebrate the end of our plays and Shakespeare study with an ice cream sundae party on Monday, February 29 at 12:30. Ethan and Ashley’s advisees will bring in chocolate and vanilla ice cream (and sorbet); Emily’s advisees will bring in whipped cream and toppings; and Wendy’s advisees will bring in beverages and bowls, cups, and spoons. Please ask your child what he or she has agreed to bring. Please help students choose items that are tree nut and peanut free.

This weekend students will be filling out their mini-course choices for the week of March 15. Selections will be posted online this afternoon, and we appreciate your reading over the choices and helping students make informed decisions (there is a place on the ballot for you to add your name, indicating you have seen these choices). As we roster students, we are striving for a mix of grades in each activity, as well as honoring each student’s choices. We certainly hope that the four choices your child picks are indeed subjects of interest and that any one of them would be a fine choice. The completed ballot is due on Tuesday, February 16.

Spring parent conference sign-up will also be posted soon. Because we want to include students, these conferences will be held in April, the week of the 25th (students and both Ethan and Wendy will be in Puerto Rico during the regular conferences in March.) Times will be available before, during, and after school; the student will be present, leading the conference. Ashley’s advisees’ conferences will be Monday, April 25; Wendy’s Wednesday, April 27; Emily’s Thursday, April 28; and Ethan’s Friday, April 29. More about this after spring break.

Have a wonderful long weekend!

Emily, Wendy, Ashley, and Ethan