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We're in this together.

Strong bonds, partnerships and idea sharing is at the heart of the TPS experience where deep connections and lifelong friendships develop among our students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni. Everyone who walks through the doors at TPS contributes in so many ways showing their care of our school and another. Our community truly thrives when each member plays an active role. At TPS, we’re in this together.

School Home Partnership

School-Home Partnerships

Community is evident in the reciprocal school-home partnership that is formed between teachers, students and their families.

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Student Relationships

We pride ourselves on our close student community, where older and younger children develop friendships and support one another in their academic and social emotional growth.

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Teaching Community

Teaching Community

We have an extraordinary team of educators and administrators who step up every day to elevate the wonder and joy of our students. 

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Parents (TPSA)

For families, it starts with their acceptance letter to TPS. It isn’t just the student that is invited to join the school, the family is welcomed into the community and is automatically a member of The Philadelphia School Association (TPSA).

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Support TPS

Board of Trustees

Members consist primarily of parents of currently enrolled students.  Trustees are unpaid volunteers and can be current or past TPS parents, TPS alumni, or individuals from outside the TPS community. 

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Alumni Network

When you graduate from TPS, you join a network of over 1,000 alumni strong—whether you graduated two, 10, or 40 years ago— alumni all remain part of the TPS family.  

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