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Board of Trustees

The Philadelphia School is a Pennsylvania non-profit membership corporation whose Members consist primarily of parents of currently enrolled students. Members elect a Board of Trustees, who are charged with oversight of the organization. Trustees are unpaid volunteers and can be current or past TPS parents, TPS alumni, or individuals from outside the TPS community.

The primary responsibilities of the Board of Trustees include strategic planning, ensuring financial sustainability, adopting and amending by-laws, and hiring the Head of School.  The Board of Trustees is committed to transparency, accountability, and active communication with all constituencies of The Philadelphia School. 

Anita Andrews

Jenny Bogoni

Jeffrey Donnon

Adam Douberly

Alisa Field

Chip Finney

Emily Foote

Julia Frayman

Stephen Giorgio

Mollie Henderson

John Jackson

Eric Jones

Tristan Jones

Michael Kerlin

Zachary Klehr

Marc Mannella

Girna Mendez-Adkins

James Nam

Melanie Pontz

JJ Shirley

Barbara Stanley

Sean Vereen

Honorary Trustees

Robert S. Adelson                                                T. Carter Fussell*

Jack F. Adler, Jr.                                                     Frank Gould

Robert Altman                                                       Derek Jokelson

Lynne M. Berman*                                               Ellen Speiser Katz*

Peter H. Berman*                                                 Leonard M. Klehr

Hope A. Comisky                                                  Philip B. Korb

Sandra Dean (Principal Emerita)                  Richard Laden*

Daniel Diadul                                                          Dale Penneys Levy

Christopher S. Donner*                                     Jean F. Mason III

Paul Dry                                                                    Gina Marie N. Moore

Marianne Ruby Emmett                                     Jennifer Rice

Alan Fishman                                                          Harry M. Roth

Philip E. Franks                                                      Caroline M. Simon