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Parents (TPSA)

TPSA Leadership

TPSA Leadership
For families, it starts with their acceptance letter to TPS. It isn’t just the student that is invited to join the school, the family is welcomed into the community and is automatically a member of The Philadelphia School Association (TPSA, pronounced “tip-sa”).
TPSA connects families by organizing educational parent programs, community events, service opportunities, and faculty appreciation initiatives. We know that it takes a village to raise a child, and for families at TPS, that village is TPSA.

The entire school community is welcome to join TPSA-sponsored events and committee meetings. Parents can participate in a number of ways: as event volunteers, class representatives, officers of the TPSA Leadership Team, or on a committee (listed below). TPSA leaders collaborate with the school in support of its mission; in doing so, we contribute to a joyful and inclusive community environment.

Students thrive when parents and guardians volunteer their time, expertise, and energy.   

TPSA Committees

Family Hikes

Family Hike

Green & Healthy

Plant Sale

Birthday Tables

TPSA Birthday Table