Preschool Friday Note

Dear Parents,

It was great to see so many of you at the Winter Concert this morning.  The children were excited to perform for you.  Now you know what we’ve been up to in Music class this year!

A Great Big Thank You for the many gifts we received from the Book Fair.  We have all sorts of wonderful new books in our library.  Speaking of books, after finishing the first six books in the original Mercy Watson series, Preschool B voted on which one of the new books should come next.  The winner by a landslide was Baby Lincoln’s book, which we are half-way through.  Baby Lincoln is off on her own adventure — check with your child to find out where she is going and whom she is traveling with.  

We are finishing up our unit on Families.  In Preschool B, we finished our Family Books and began work on creating houses for our families to live in.  The children decided on the shape of the house they wanted to build and used brick, stone, and wood paper to adorn the outside. They then put on some doors and windows—enough windows for each member of the family to be looking out.  All of these projects will come home this week.

We were happy to welcome a special visitor this week.  Addy’s dad who is a REAL firefighter came to Closing Meeting on Monday wearing all of his special gear.  The children got to see his special tools and try on his heavy helmet.  Thank you Johntae—we could not have been more excited for this visit!  Many of us are now planning a career in the Fire Department.

And what’s happening in Preschool A? 

What do you do when you need to bring something heavy into your treehouse? Ask the Milkweeds and Lavenders, who spent time this week exploring the ups and downs of pulley systems. To pique their curiosity we tied a rope around a heavy log and asked children to try to lift the log. After a chorus of “Wow -- this is TOO heavy!” children were introduced to the wonders of pulleys. A pulley/rope "system" was tied to the side of our loft-turned-treehouse, and children tried again to lift the heavy log. Voila! The lift became infinitely easier! To add even more interest to the system, a small basket was attached so that important objects could be hoisted upwards. Your children have experimented throughout the week, both in the loft and also in the block-building area, where smaller pulleys were available. Ask your child how he or she liked working with the pulley. Was it was more fun to fill the basket or to pull the basket? 

In the Art Studio we used construction paper, markers, scissors, and glue (and a lot of imagination) to create unique ladders and treehouses. Many of our artists included pulley systems in their work, and we teachers were struck by the power of a simple introductory lesson. Their creations are now on display in our classroom. Make sure to take a look! Inspired by our collection of treehouse books, we continue to explore our collection of building materials to work out design ideas. We witnessed tremendous collaboration one morning when two groups of builders decided to join their treehouse projects with even more blocks, and then proudly shared their work at morning meeting. Next week we will finalize our favorite ideas and share them with Eila’s dad Jonathan.

In addition to the building buzz, Preschool A was abuzz with baby news this week. Connor and his family welcomed baby brother Tommy on Sunday; Veronica and her family welcomed baby brother James on Monday; Sanaa and her family welcomed baby sister Maya on Thursday! Three babies in one week — we think this may be a TPS record! We’re delighted to share this good news and send our best wishes to all.

Family stories continue to be a special time for the children in Preschool A. (One of their favorite games is a guessing game about what happened in the family stories we’ve heard thus far!) Ask your children to tell you about the new family stories we heard this week:

  • What happened when Riley was riding her bike?
  • Did Zoe climb a mountain or a volcano?
  • What kind of farm did Shane and his family visit?
  • Annabel visited Block Island with her family. What kind of ride did her mom and brothers take? 
  • Jana’s family story was about life in the Netherlands. What do people like to ride there?    

Can you believe we are about to begin our final school week of 2016?  Where is the time going? Have a wonderful weekend—we need to get ready for the super cold temps heading out way.   Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!

The Preschool Team