Preschool Weekly Note

Dear Preschool Families,

Happy New Year!  

We want to thank you again for the generous gift certificates we received from TPSA.  We loved picking out and reading new books. Upon our return to school, we were filled to our brims with holiday news and so happy to see one another again! If you’ve noticed your child has been particularly tired after school this week, it is typical for there to be a “back-to-school” adjustment. Hang in there!  

The new year brought in the COLD! Please be sure and check your child’s extra bin of clothing and replenish with clothing in appropriate sizes, as needed. Also, please send your child to school in warm gear that includes hats, mittens, and scarves. (We prefer mittens, but if your child is able to put his or her gloves on independently, gloves are fine, too!) When we don’t find ourselves in a polar vortex, we try and embrace the outdoor weather every day (if only for a wee bit on the colder days)! Thanks in advance for your help with this. Speaking of snow, we ventured out to the garden and had first dibs on playtime in the fresh snowfall!

You may have heard the exciting news from your child this week—the climbing wall on the north-facing side of the Garage is now open! Climbing walls require strength, flexibility, and coordination to successfully maneuver. Practicing the skills to ascend a rock climbing wall naturally builds a functional, core-driven skill set. We liken the holds on a climbing wall to a giant puzzle that begs to be solved. This low impact, endurance-style workout keeps children happily moving and burning energy while they rise to the challenge—pulling, lifting, twisting, and stretching their own persistence. Ask your child if they climbed the wall this week.

You may recall the preschool teachers talking about the all-school theme of survival on Back-to-School Night (all the way back in October!). Next week, both preschool classrooms will delve into a study involving two aspects of survival. We look forward to sharing more with you about our upcoming project work as we burrow down in our classrooms for the winter (hint, hint) and catch some beats (hint, hint)! 

Have a wintry, wonderful weekend,

The Preschool Team