Preschool Weekly Note

Dear Parents,

A heart-felt thank you to all of our families who took the time to share a Valentine’s breakfast with us on Tuesday. We appreciate the delicious fruit and pastries (pancakes and bacon, too) and hope you enjoyed our mini concert. An extra special thank you to the clean-up crew, who continued to spread the love as we returned to the classrooms with your children. (Thanks also to Hugo’s mom, Silvie, who joined us Monday morning to help in the design of some Valentine necklaces.)

After the breakfast, the entire preschool ventured over to the Lombard building to take in the not-to-be-missed performances that comprise the annual TPS Talent Show. Your children were a wonderful audience, enjoying everything from lip-synching to jump-roping, hula-hooping, and more. Ask your child to tell you about his or her favorite act!

Our project work continues in earnest. The Milkweeds and Lavenders further expanded their multicultural music lexicon when Aaron’s dad Josh visited our classroom. Josh shared photos from his long ago travels to Bali and Australia where he acquired a djembe drum and an authentic didgeridoo. We enjoyed Josh’s demonstration of the didgeridoo -- a most intriguing instrument. As Josh played, your observant children astutely compared playing the didgeridoo to playing the trumpet or shofar! On Wednesday afternoon, Parker’s sister Taylor joined us to share the way she makes music -- using her beautiful voice. Accompanied by voice teacher Tatiana, Taylor showed us how she warms up to the delightful lyrics, “Mommy makes me mash my M&Ms!” Taylor also performed a lovely rendition of the classic, Favorite Things.” 

The next morning, Movement teacher Ramsey showed us how he warms up his fingers as he shared his piano-playing expertise. Ramsey answered our questions about piano keys and pedals, performed a "Twinkle, Twinkle" improv piece and then banged out some notes as we took turns peering beneath the top of the grand piano to see how sound is made. From Ramsey’s piano concerto we ventured over to the Lombard building for the second time this week, this time to tour the “Proyecto la Casita.” This is the annual third grade Spanish project in which students design and create their own “casitas” (little houses). We admired both the creativity and Spanish vocabulary on display in these amazing shoe box houses!

In Peppermint and Honeysuckle Land we began our second rotation.  The children cheered when they found out where they were going as if they’ve been waiting all their lives to study Hibernation!   Ask your child what their group is studying now.  In the next two weeks we will have a visit from the Academy of Natural Sciences to add to our knowledge of animal survival.  NEXT FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24, will be Teddy Bear Visiting Day in Preschool B.  Anyone who has a stuffed bear that he/she would like to bring in to visit the Hibernating Cave is encouraged to do so. Please make sure that your child’s bear is labeled.  (We will have extra loaner bears for those children who do not have one to bring in.)

As if this week wasn’t exciting enough, on Thursday we had a visit from Primary A (first and second grade).  Students shared the “information articles” that they had researched and written.  We heard fascinating facts about gymnastics, football, rocks, and Jewish holidays, among other things.  

 Enjoy a wonderful, extra long weekend!

The Preschool Team