Preschool Weekly Note

Dear Families,

March Madness? Your preschoolers have certainly embraced a winter like no other this year! They happily went from short sleeves last week to full-on snow gear as we headed out to the Garden to romp alongside our kindergarten friends this week. We’re all learning to embrace whatever Mother Nature sends our way — children and teachers alike!

As we near the end of our music project, the Milkweeds and Lavenders are eagerly filling their “band-in-a-boxes” with homemade instruments galore! Using spoons, straws, rubber bands, and more, they continually amaze us with their ingenuity and their ability to incorporate all that they’re learning about string, wind, and percussion. To add to the fun, we’ve installed two music stands and some sample sheet music under the loft, transforming our dramatic play area into a “recording studio” of sorts. We have had some memorable performances, particularly with the addition of “Rock Star guitar” to our growing list of classroom instruments. At closing meeting yesterday, we pulled "number cards" from a pile, and children volunteered to share their instruments as members of a duet, trio, or quartet.

This morning the Milkweeds and Lavenders visited the Art Studio to do observational drawings of a glockenspiel; each child also made his or her own set of pan pipes with Madeline. Also accompanying our music study this week was a Spanish lesson about the seasons (estaciones), in which Madeline introduced us to some instruments traditionally used in Latin American music. Your children had the chance to play maracas, palitos, y la campana de vaca and handled each new instrument with care. On Tuesday morning, we will share our musical learning with our friends in Kindergarten B. Be sure to ask your child about it next week!

This week the Peppermints and Honeysuckles finished their final rotation.  Bears got to eat berries in the cave, adapters foraged for food in the garden, and butterflies appeared in abundance in our classroom.  Some of the children are creating stories about winter animal adventures.  Thank you to Mother Nature for that last blast of winter to finish our study, but now we’re finished so let’s go back to spring! The children have started wondering what we will study next.  We told them it will have something to do with the Garden and the things that live and grow there.  They will be able to vote on the next big topic. Stay tuned!  

Enjoy a wonderful weekend. We are looking forward to visiting with all of you next week during parent conferences!

The Preschool Team