Preschool Weekly Note

It’s been quite a week for the Peppermints and Honeysuckles. Believe it or not, there is a tiny sprout growing in one of the pots planted with jelly beans. The children are beside themselves with excitement, predicting huge bushes weighed down with sweet treats. Stay tuned for breaking news! On a more scientific note, the preschoolers opened the ziplock bags they prepared last week and found that their lima beans had all sprouted. One bean even grew a stem and several leaves! We planted each bean in soil and now begin the work of caring for the seedlings. Later, they will be moved outside to the Garden, perhaps to provide us with shade in our new mud kitchen. At story time, we are reading The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. We ordered several abridged versions, and this will be the literacy piece to compliment our nature study of the Garden. We also learned about Isaiah Zagar’s Magic Garden on South Street. Just watch as we transform the top of our loft into our own magic garden. We already worked on mosaics made with gem jewels, mirrors, buttons, and sea shells. These will adorn the walls. The children have many other “lofty” ideas for making a gate with a secret lock and key, as well as flowers and steps.

Rafa’s mom, Taije, visited Preschool B this week to lead a lesson in poetry. She introduced the word “synesthesia” and described it as mixing up all five of your senses. The children wrote the most amazing poetry about magical gardens where you can smell the sunshine and hear the plants growing. Each poem was accompanied by a beautiful illustration of some magical part of a garden. We’re hoping to put them all together into a poetry collection with a copy for everyone. We are so grateful to Taije for her guidance and inspiration.  

What do you do when there’s an obstacle to an obstacle course? You think of another way “around” the problem! This was a lesson learned by the Milkweeds and Lavenders during this week’s project time. While the Lavenders were in the classroom sketching individual ideas for an obstacle course, the Milkweeds headed outside to use the climbing wall, bicycles, and paths in a course designed by our very own Madeline. When the groups switched places, the Lavenders were surprised to find many kindergarten friends outside during their scheduled Garden time. Modeling great flexibility in thinking, they quickly designed a smaller obstacle course that could be completed in the preschool porch area. The next day, the Milkweeds were kind enough to once again set up the obstacle course for the Lavenders the “real” way. Ask your child to tell you which “obstacle” was his or her favorite! We also viewed a “Homemade Backyard Obstacle Course” YouTube video this week, which took us through a course using two different vantage points. Inspired by what they saw, your children have begun creating obstacle courses for each other, as well as for our collection of classroom animals!

Some Important Upcoming Events

  • Friday, April 21 -  Teacher In-Service Day - There will be a special ASEP program that day.
  • Monday, May 1 - Schuylkill Center Trip (9:30 am - 1:30 pm) - Everyone is invited to join us.
  • Thursday, May 25 - Mercado in the Garden - This one is for students only.
  • Friday, June 2 - Preschool Garden Breakfast (8:15 - 9:15 am). Everyone is invited.

Have a great weekend, 

The Preschool Team