Preschool Weekly Note

Dear Preschool Families,

This week the Milkweeds and Lavenders ventured over to the Lombard Building where we were greeted by Bart Jeannette (a member of our stellar physical education team) and an obstacle course designed specifically for our preschoolers. Your children eagerly lined up to weave through the initial part of the course and excitement mounted as they neared the main attraction—“the wedge!” The wedge is a soft and sloped mat that often appears in obstacle courses. Your children had the opportunity to practice climbing onto a step platform and executing forward rolls through the incline. “Stutter stepping” through hula hoops and finishing with a crawl through the big blue tunnel were also obstacle highlights. Using a growth mindset, our preschoolers wanted to try it again (and again!) to become more confident and skilled in maneuvering through the course.

Following our memorable visit to the gym, we created a thank you poster for Bart where children included three-dimensional elements of the obstacle course we enjoyed during our project time on Tuesday. Bart was delighted to find the poster of appreciation on his desk upon his return to the P.E. office. We can’t wait to visit the gym again and try a different configuration of the course with new equipment to boot! As we learn about elements of obstacle courses and their capacity, your children are becoming expert course designers. Ask them to share with you some of the obstacle course vocabulary we introduced this week! A special thanks to Jackson and his family for sharing the obstacle course he designed in their home by way of video—the class loved it and plans were underway shortly after the viewing of courses abound. We look forward to our study making its way into your homes and gardens!   

We have some new residents in Preschool B.  At the sign-in table we now have an ant farm and two praying mantis egg cases.  (Each one of the egg cases should produce around 100 praying mantises!)  As we continue our study of gardens, we’ll now begin to talk about some of the critters that live there.  We are awaiting the arrival of 500 worms (who will live in the texture table on the porch) some caterpillars and a few hundred ladybugs.  Get ready for an explosion of insect news and songs coming your way!  Before sending our bean plants home this week, each child used a ruler to measure how tall their plant was and completed an observational drawing.  They also carefully observed the blossoms on a cherry tree branch and created a painting using q-tips and fingers.  Check out some of the drawings and paintings in the front hallway.  We’re planning a trip to the REAL Magic Garden on South Street in early May.  It couldn't possibly be as beautiful as our loft, could it?

In music we are doing all things "garden" with a little "obstacle course action" thrown in for the Milkweeds and Lavenders.  We have been singing about planting seeds, growing plants, birds calling and creatures crawling!  We played instruments and danced with scarves to tell the story of ladybugs going out to play and then flying away because of the rain, (triangles and finger cymbals,) wind (shakers) and thunder (drums). We also pretended to be creatures in the garden, (the bug of their choice) hiding in the sandbox and then running, jumping, and going around things in the garden to hide from the kids.  We had lots of fun making music today!

Important Upcoming Events

Monday, May 1 - Schuylkill Center Trip (buses will leave at 9:30 am and return to TPS at approximately 2:00 pm) - There will be plenty of space on our buses and everyone is invited to join us.

Thursday, May 25 - Mercado in the Garden - This is a students only event.

Friday, June 2 - Preschool Garden Breakfast (8:15 - 9:15 am). Everyone is invited.

Because your children are growing fast and the weather is warming up, please check your child’s extra clothes bin and restock as needed.

Have a wonderful weekend,

The Preschool Team