Preschool Weekly Note

Dear Parents,

Welcome back!  We hope you all had an enjoyable and maybe even a little relaxing spring vacation.  The children seemed eager to be back in their classrooms with their friends.  

We are preparing to launch our final projects for the year.  Most of Preschool B’s parents have seen the long list of suggested topics generated by the children.  We attempted to do some sort of fair vote, but in the end it was decided that we would study the Garden with all of the various plants and critters in it.  We read a few books this week about magical gardens where you can grow jelly bean bushes and seashell trees.  During project time on Thursday, the children were each given two pots, some soil, and five options of things to plant: jelly beans, buttons, flower seeds, sea shells, and beans. Ask your child what two things they planted. We will be providing water, sunshine, and careful observation. This is an exciting experiment, and we have several hypotheses. Some children are already predicting candy galore! We will be sure to let you know what happens.  We’ve also read some books about where seeds come from, and we’re attempting to sprout some beans. So off we go on our final study—Gardens: Real and Magical. 

The Lavenders and Milkweeds were thrilled to reunite with classmates this week and share news of their spring break adventures. Speaking of adventures, now that we have officially entered into the realm of spring, we are beyond excited to announce our next study—obstacle courses. We read a twist on the classic, “Going on a Bear Hunt,” swapping out bears and woods for lions in the savanna (We’re Going on a Lion Hunt by Margery Cuyler). Along with her class, a teacher uses her imagination to travel with the group to the savanna where they encounter several natural obstacles like mud, sticks, trees, and water. We learned through their tale that there are many different ways to reach a destination—over, under, around, and through, to name a few! Following the book, your children forged a new path to Fitler Square where we heard non-stop chatter about the plants, tree beds, trucks, and many more environmental elements we traversed to reach our own destination—albeit without wild animals! Ask your child about our obstacle encounters and how we moved through both urban and natural elements. Stay tuned for much more on obstacle courses! 

Summer-like weather is on its way.  Sunshine is aplenty in our gorgeous Garden, and we are asking you to remember to apply sunblock in the mornings before school. Your child is also welcome to bring a sunshade hat to further protect their skin and help them stay cool. We will be reminding children to seek shade and hydrate on warmer days of outside play, and we appreciate your assistance with sunblock application prior to school’s opening.

Some Important Upcoming Events

Friday, April 21 -  Teacher In-Service Day - There will be a special ASEP program that day.
Monday, May 1 - Spring visit to The Schuylkill Center - Everyone is invited to join us.
Thursday, May 25 - Mercado in the Garden - This one is for students only.
Friday, June 2 - Preschool End-of-Year Breakfast (8:15 to 9:15 a.m.) -  Everyone is invited.

Have a great weekend.

The Preschool Team