Preschool Weekly Note

Dear Parents,

THE CATERPILLARS ARE HERE!  And if that wasn’t enough……THE BABY PRAYING MANTISES HATCHED!  Our mail carrier is happy to report that this is the final arrival of wildlife for the year. It certainly has been exciting watching all of our garden critters up close and personal before we release them to do their jobs in the garden beds.  This week the Peppermints and Honeysuckles have been learning about the life-cycle of many insects.  They begin as eggs, then larva, then pupae, then adult insect.  During Project Time, one group got to act out this cycle, first emerging from a pillow case, slithering across the floor to get wrapped in toilet paper, and finally bursting forth with a flashlight to become an adult lightning bug. 

We also spent some time being grasshoppers jumping in the Garden and then measuring how far our jump was.  At the moment, the record is 30 inches, but if you ask your child they’ll tell you it was MUCH further!  Our students are becoming junior entomologists crawling on the ground looking for insect eggs and larvae.  Our kindergarten friends have kindly lent us several sets of insect wings that we can use to fly around. (See photos!) For snack this morning, we used grapes, celery, raisins, and pretzels to make edible caterpillars — Yum!  

Obstacles in the night? Art teacher Kait visited Preschool A on Tuesday and shared some black paper and her collection of gold and silver Sharpies. We took those same materials back to the Art Studio to create portfolio-worthy “night-time obstacle course” drawings which are now on display in our classroom. Come have a look at our work! We also enjoyed a wonderful story, The Yes by Sarah Bee and Satoshi Kitamura, in which a determined orange creature, the “Yes,” is pursued by a swarming group of “Nos” who continually discourage him as he ventures out into the world. The Yes ultimately prevails, overcoming obstacle after obstacle to reach his destination. Your children were mesmerized by this wonderful tale and enthusiastically pointed out each obstacle the Yes encountered.

And speaking of tales, we’ve recently introduced a new chapter book to the Milkweeds and Lavenders, Toys Go Out by Emily Jenkins. In the story, we meet several stuffed animals: a one-eared sheep, a sting ray, and a fuzzy buffalo named Lumphy, all of whom vie for the attention of their owner, the Little Girl. Your children have embraced this whimsical cast of characters who share some of their same early childhood struggles! To make the characters come to life we have replicas of each character in our stuffed animal collection that have been "obstacle coursing" alongside your children!  Next week we’ll challenge ourselves with creating obstacle courses for some “real” animals — stay tuned!

As we prepare for our upcoming Mercado, Madeline has introduced us to the wonderful rhythms of the Mexican Hat Dance. Your children have learned to dance the steps alongside a partner and thoroughly enjoy their new moves! Ask your child to show you a few steps at home. 

We know that Sunday is Mother’s Day, but in the preschool we prefer to celebrate Family Day.  Why not celebrate everybody!  The children have worked hard with Kait in the art studio to finish their first glazed and fired pinch pot, which they are bringing home to share with their family.  We hope that Sunday is a fun day for everyone in your family!

Preschool B would love any cardboard paper towel and/or toilet paper rolls for a project.  Thanks!

Important Upcoming Events:

Thursday, May 25 - Mercado in the Garden. This is a student-only event.
Friday, June 2 - Preschool Garden Breakfast (8:15 - 9:15 a.m.). Everyone is invited.

Have a great weekend!

The Preschool Team