Preschool Weekly Note

Dear Families,

This week the Garage was transformed into an open air market (Mercado) complete with tables of food, juices, and festive decorations to celebrate the Spanish we have been learning. The Mercado was filled with your Spanish-speaking children, who used Spanish phrases to ask for their treats and convey politeness—por favor and gracias!  Children danced (baila, baila, baila), sang, and spoke Spanish. They experienced first-hand the relevance of conversational Spanish as a way to meet needs and showcase all they’ve learned this year in our integrated Spanish program. You can surprise your child with some Spanish at home: mercado/market, manzana/apple, pera/pear, plàtano/banana, melón/melon, uvas/grapes, fresas/strawberries, limón/lemon, jugo/juice and galletas/cookies. Thank you to our Spanish-speaking parent volunteers and to early childhood teachers Madeline Leonard, Brian Jordan, Melissa Roldan-Stills, and Ramsey Reyes who helped make the Mercado a great success!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! After 17 years of caring for our beloved turtle, Myrtle, she laid not only one egg but three! Before you get too excited, we don’t have any baby turtles running around. At first, we could not believe our eyes, but after doing some research, we learned that this is not unusual. We studied the egg shells and the albumen under magnifying glasses and then took turns holding Myrtle in our laps. We love her more than ever!

The Honeysuckles and Peppermints are deep into our reading of James and the Giant Peach. The book fits perfectly into our study of insects. We have created a giant mural that features the peach, all of the characters, sharks, and seagulls. We’ve made peach crisp for snack and have even done a small side study of sharks. The five caterpillars in our classroom have formed their chrysalises, but nothing has emerged as yet. Will there be butterflies in our room when we return on Tuesday? Just wait and see.

Speaking of caterpillars, the Milkweeds and Lavenders have welcomed some silkworm caterpillars into their classroom. These tiny creatures eat nothing but mulberry leaves and will hopefully spin cocoons before the end of school. Your children have been marveling at how gentle they are, and on Thursday morning the students created a table-top obstacle course for them! We also learned a little bit about the legend of the silkworm, and how the “secret of silk” was discovered. In addition to our tiny silkworm obstacle course, we were invited to a GREAT BIG obstacle course in the Lombard Building gym. We spent our project time on Tuesday challenging ourself with a new course — this one complete with hoppity balls (new to us), and a trampoline pit! Ask your child to tell you all about it!

We’re looking forward to our End-of-Year “Bug” Breakfast next Friday. Please check the sign-up sheet posted in our entry way — you’ll see that it’s similar to the sheet for the Valentine Breakfast.

Friday, June 2 - The Preschool Annual Bug Breakfast will be held in the Garage from 8:15 to 9:15 a.m. Our Garage/Garden party will include delicious breakfast foods and a springtime sing-along, including plenty of songs about bugs! Stay for the full hour or as long as you can. Everyone is invited.

Enjoy a wonderful, extra long weekend!

The Preschool Team