Preschool Weekly Note

Dear Families,

Grab the reins and hold on tight as you read about the many adventures the preschoolers had this week!

Adventure #1: We spent a warm, sunny Monday at The Schuylkill Center. Highlights of our trip included hiking, building forts, climbing trees, and riding on a big yellow school bus. The children are thrilled to know they go every week when they are in kindergarten. We were happy so many families were able to join us this week. Be sure to check the Preschool Photo Gallery for great pictures.

Adventure #2: Since the Peppermints and Honeysuckles are studying gardens, we took a trip to visit Isaiah Zagar’s Magic Garden on South Street. We hopped on the SEPTA bus right outside our door and landed at Seger Park on 11th Street. We explored the playground and had a snack before walking over to The Magic Garden. Olivia, our personal tour guide, explained how Isaiah makes his beautiful art. Then, off we went on a scavenger hunt, searching for mosaic animals throughout the garden. The children used adjectives such as “beautiful,” “amazing,” and “shiny” to describe the garden. They are newly inspired to continue work on our own magic garden on the loft.

Adventure #3: A shipment of 350 ladybugs arrived in the mail. We created a habitat for them in a tank, complete with dirt, sticks, and a flower. As we gathered around to observe them, we were horrified to discover that many of the ladybugs were getting stuck to the duct tape we used to hold the mesh screen on. The children chanted “Save the ladybugs” as everyone worked together to pull the tape away. Mary Beth and Madeline valiantly saved some of the bugs by scraping them from the tape. Children scrambled everywhere, capturing any others that had escaped. We quickly found an old butterfly container and moved the ladybugs one by one into a safer space. Whew! The power of team work! 

The Lavenders and Milkweeds were replete with ideas this week when we transformed a large game cube (die) into a vehicle for our obstacle course work. Using photos of cones, hula hoops, lily pads, pom-pom balls, a noodle, and paddle with beanbag, your children rolled the die and organized an element of an obstacle course based on what they “rolled.” Ask your child how they set up their work! During outdoor time in Fitler Square this week, the children found many elements of nature and art to climb over, through, on, under, and through. Be sure to notice with your child that any path you take around our wonderful city can be made into an obstacle course with a creative mind! We are looking forward to doing more research next week when we collate our remaining questions and set out for answers as we learn more about challenging ourselves through obstacle course work!

Important Upcoming Events:

  • Thursday, May 25 - Mercado in the Garden. This is a student-only event.
  • Friday, June 2 - Preschool Garden Breakfast (8:15 - 9:15 a.m.). Everyone is invited.

Have a wonderful weekend.

The Preschool Team