Preschool Weekly Note

Dear Parents:

Well, hold on to your hats……..this is your final Preschool Friday Note. Good grief—how did that happen?  

A BIG thank you to everyone who came to the End-of-Year Breakfast this morning. It’s always great to hang out in the Garden on a beautiful morning. Many thanks for all the food you brought and for helping with the set-up and clean-up. We really appreciate it. 

The Honeysuckles and Peppermints are finishing up their study of insects—we released our butterflies on Wednesday. We are reading the final chapters of James and the Giant Peach. We completed two wall murals from the book, which we’ll explain for those of you who are not up-to-date on your Roald Dahl. The first mural is of the peach with all of the characters flying high above hungry sharks. It is being carried by hundreds of seagulls. In the second mural, the peach has fallen through a rainbow and cracked it in half. The rainbow is being held up by cloud-men. (See photos.) We also acted out two buggy stories, "The Grouchy Ladybug" and "Anansi the Spider." Ask your child to tell you what character they played. We performed for each other, and we may do it again next week for Preschool A.  

Ready, set, race! This week the Milkweeds and Lavenders were treated to a gripping finish to the popular television show “American Ninja Warrior” when the beloved Kacy Catanzaro became the first woman to sail through a finalist round on the show. We sat in silence (we’re not sure that anyone took a breath during the viewing!) as we watched Kacy traverse a warped wall, climb a log grip, and finish a spider climb with weaving poles that did not disappoint! In awe of her performance, we kept track of Kacy’s time as she worked her way across the course. We now have our own timer and discussed the ways in which you can improve speed and practice getting faster. Parents, we think this could help with clean-up time at home! With fresh inspiration and endorphins still running through our own bodies over Kacy’s win, we worked in small groups to design an obstacle course that we plan to reveal to kindergarten next week when we share what we’ve learned in this study with our neighboring class. In order to be prepared for weather elements that we cannot control, we’ve designed an indoor AND outdoor course for next week’s share out. Fingers crossed for good weather. We’re looking forward to having an opportunity to ask questions of the newly regarded kindergarten thespians as they wrap up their own study of plays and acting, too! 

Next week is the final week of preschool! Yikes! Monday is Move-Up Day. Most of the day is a regular Monday; however, at 11:25 we’ll leave the Garden and bring our lunches to Kindergarten for a visit. The teachers will chat with the kids about what is the same about their rooms and what is different. Then they will have lunch in the Kindergarten. Where the children visit has no bearing on what group they will be in next year. After lunch they will return to the preschool to finish their day.

And who is in the preschool during Move-Up Day? Well, the 8th grade, of course!  We pull out all the photos and videos of them when they were preschoolers, and we all have lunch together. Friday is Graduation Day for our 8th grade students. Graduation takes up much of the morning, and most of the students at TPS will attend. Preschool and Kindergarten go in at the end to sing and present flowers to the graduates. Dismissal for the whole school is at 11:30, and the preschool will be dismissed from the Garden as they always are.   

It’s So Hard to Say Good-bye!  

It’s so hard to believe that this is our final week. We want to thank you all so much for all the love and support you’ve provided for all of us this year. You were always there when we needed helpers or food or just excitement — like when a bag of earthworms arrived! It’s been an amazing year. And most of all, thank you for the most delightful, funny, smart, energetic, and remarkable children! What a wonderful year it’s been, and it’s gone by way too quickly. Luckily, you won’t be far away! Have a spectacular summer, and we’ll see you in the Garden in September!

With lots of love,

Maureen, Pam, Emily, Lisa, Mary Beth and Madeline