Preschool Weekly Note

Dear Parents,

Welcome to your first TPS Preschool Weekly Note. We encourage you to read the note EVERY week. It’s the best way to find out what we’ve been up to and what important things are coming up. We always include current photos (which you may not be able to see if you read the note on your phone) so remember to check for them when you’re at your computer.

We’ve had a wonderful first (short) week of school. The children have located their cubbies, figured out where the bathrooms are, and found some fun toys and friends to play with. In addition to their three classroom teachers, they have also met Ramsey (who teaches movement and Spanish) and Chris (who teaches music). This afternoon they met Nurse Sara. Despite the heat, we checked out all areas of the garden, including the water table, the mud kitchen, the sandbox, and the stage. Little by little we’re learning our way around our new school. Your children are amazing! Great listeners, outstanding cleaners, and very sweet and open friends. This is going to be an outstanding year.

What’s Coming Up!

On Thursday, September 15, there will be a picnic in the garden for all preschool families from 5:30 to 7:00pm. Come and meet some of the other preschool families! Bring your own picnic supper (no alcohol, please). All children are invited. Now you can have your own turn in the mud kitchen!!

Many of the children are wishing that they had a small blanket and a stuffed animal for Quiet Time. We’ve also noticed that a number of children don't seem to have extra clothes in their cubbies. It is most helpful to have these things in case of accidents.

Have a fun weekend and try to stay cool.

Maureen, Pam, Emily, Mary Beth, Lisa, and Madeline

ps. The Seed to Table teachers have asked for you to please check with a teacher before picking a garden snack at pick-up time. Some things we have in abundance but others are in shorter supply and we may need them for a cooking recipe. Thanks!