Preschool Friday Note

Dear Families,

What a fabulous trip we had to The Schuylkill Center today! The weather was brisk and sunny, just perfect for raking leaves and munching on apples. We did lots of fort building and tree climbing. Check the preschool photo gallery for great action shots of your joyful children. Thanks to all the grown-ups who came with us. We had a banner-day turn out!

The Honeysuckles and Peppermints continue to keep careful watch out our garden window. Just the other day, we observed a bird with beautiful markings and a body as round as a tennis ball. We wondered how such a funny shape could ever get airborne. We have added an eggplant and some peppers to entice more visitors. Speaking of eggplant, the children harvested three large purple ones and made a delicious eggplant parmigiana for snack. Almost everyone was brave enough to take a “hello bite,” and some children even asked for seconds.

Nathan’s Mom, Gaby, joined our Spanish class to describe an important celebration in Mexico, where she grew up. Known as the “Day of the Dead,” it is a time to remember loved ones and to celebrate their lives with special foods and decorated skulls. We worked together to add colorful face parts to felt skulls that Nathan and his mommy made especially for us.

From “what’s in a name” to “who’s in our family,” the Milkweeds and Lavenders began learning about each other’s family members this week. We talked about moms and dads, sisters and brothers, and babies-on-the-way! Using colorful craft sticks as counters, we organized our name cards according to the number of family members we have. We learned that most of us live in families of four; a few of us have families that will get larger soon! After sharing (and counting), it was time to draw our family portraits — soon to be on display during parent conferences! We also re-read Margaret Miller’s Now I’m Big and revisited the photos in the book which show “big kids” alongside their baby pictures. Many of your children thoughtfully shared baby items from home — blankets, board books, tiny hats and stuffed animals — as we talked about the fact that we were all welcomed into our own families as newborn babies. Yesterday afternoon we took some time to create a classroom graph; each child wrote his/her name on a piece of paper and then affixed it to the wall under the correct number of “people in their family.” Ask your child to show you his or her name the next time you visit our classroom!

The preschool has been working hard to increase the number of books in our library that feature more diverse main characters. This week, both rooms read  Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress by Christine Baldacchino. We welcome recommendations from parents for newly published books. You are one of our best resources!

Reminder: We have reminded our students that there will be no Halloween celebration on Monday, and that no one should come to school in costume.

We are looking forward to Parent-Teacher Conferences next week. This is an informal opportunity to have an uninterrupted conversation with your child’s teacher. We hope to partner with you as we trade questions and offer observations.

Have a fun-filled weekend!

The Preschool Team