Preschool Weekly Note

Dear Parents,

It was a full week of “visits” to the preschool, beginning with a special guest on Monday -- the Pennsylvania Ballet’s James Ihde, a soloist for the prestigious company. Read more about James’s visit on the school blog.

We also had many families visit to share family stories. In Preschool A we learned how Brockton’s parents chose his name. His mom also shared a story about a cheeky squirrel sneaking into the family’s garbage can! Annabelle’s mom told us about Leon, the family cat, as well as about a new kitten that will live with Annabelle’s grandma as soon as he is old enough. Connor’s parents also shared a cat story about Emmie, the cat they swore they would never own! Simone’s mom told the story of the day Simone was born. (Her big sister, Aya, was with us in preschool when we got the phone call!) Eila’s mom Ilana showed us pictures of Moby, a special dog who determinedly became Ilana’s pet and later had to get used to the idea of sharing Ilana with two cats, Eila’s dad, her sister, and then Eila! Beckett’s parents shared a “Once Upon a Time” story of how they met at an art gallery; their moms (Beckett’s grandmothers) were both artist friends. And finally this afternoon we celebrated Parker’s birthday with a family story about a visit to the aquarium.

Meanwhile, in addition to having so many guests in the classroom this week, the children in Preschool A were visitors themselves when we walked to the Lombard Building for a Middle School chemistry lesson! Check out the blog to learn about our visit! The Milkweeds and Lavenders have also been experimenting with different ways to express their ideas for the tree house in Eila’s backyard. A small group of children shared initial designs with the class during morning meeting, while another group (using craft sticks, tape, and paper) experimented as they decorated a classroom plant! Stay tuned for more over the next few weeks.

The Honeysuckles and Peppermints have begun writing and illustrating their own family books. There is something special about a smooth white page, just waiting for the author to make his/her mark! We will work on these books over the next few weeks and send them home in time for the holidays. On Fridays, the children do cooking projects with Emily. They have made batches of delicious breads: pumpkin, apple, and banana. Ask your child which one is his/her favorite so far. Our classroom has also been busy with science experiments. We have explored shaving cream, built an entire pulley system, and used twine to connect springs and planks. At story time, we have begun reading the Mercy Watson chapter books. This is a hilarious series of tales written by Kate DeCamillo. Mercy Watson is a porcine wonder who is a member of the Watson household and is always getting into trouble. Here are some questions to ask your child:

  • What is Mercy’s favorite food? (Toast with a great deal of butter)
  • Who lives next door to the Watsons? (Eugenia and Baby Lincoln)
  • What happened to the Watson’s bed? (It fell though the floor.)
  • Where do the Watson’s live? (52 Deckawoo Drive)

Also this week, Milkweeds teacher Mary Beth read the children in both classrooms a story about a young boy named Jack, who, like Mary Beth’s son Myles, has several allergies. The story provides wonderful insights into the ways children with allergies lead happy and healthy lives, while at the same time know how to keep their bodies "safe" from allergic reactions. Mary Beth showed us the special “tool kit” she has for Myles, including his inhaler and Epi-pen. Her lesson provided a wonderful opportunity for children to ask questions and share their own experiences with allergies. 

FOR NEXT WEEK: We will celebrate the Thanksgiving Feast with the entire school on Tuesday. There is no need for you to pack a lunch that day. The Thanksgiving menu includes lasagna, cornbread, salad, and brownies. We will also provide plain noodles for preschoolers who can’t or won’t eat lasanga! Feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Preschool Team