Preschool Weekly Note

Dear Preschool Families,

The Seattle-adelphia style weather afforded us opportunities to play indoors this week and mix with our dear friends in neighboring preschool classrooms. We were delighted to spend extra time with one another exploring new materials and friendships!

Speaking of friendships…as part of our ongoing prosocial curriculum in the preschool, your children were recently introduced to four characters as part of our “doll stories” series. Our doll characters sprung to life when we unveiled their names and images during story time. Andreas, Luke, Kate, and Takeisha are the main characters in Preschool A. Jack, Maddie, John, and Bonnie are the main characters in Preschool B. Ask your child what happens in each classroom’s respective story when one child is the recipient of teasing behavior from another child. We learned the meanings of two “behavior roles” through the lens of our doll story: a teaser and upstander. Ask your child which role each character played in the scenarios. Stay tuned for more doll stories, additional dimension to the characters, and a change in who “tries on” different behavior roles. Your children were thoughtful about what they saw happening in our scenarios and enjoyed watching their teachers “perform” a story!

“At home, you can love and be loved.” The Milkweeds and Lavenders heard this simple sentiment in Shelley Rotner and Amy Goldbas’s co-authored book entitled Home. Shelley Rotner’s colorful photography toured us through a number of homes and families enjoying time spent together under the same roof. After our shared reading, each child created their own home on a scroll of paper—adding zigzags for staircases, rectangles for doors, squares for windows, and triangles for roofing! A wonderful discussion about drawing shapes ensued, and before we could blink, a stunning mural of our homes was born! Please enjoy the display in our entryway gallery (the preschool vestibule) when you have a moment!

We’ve been fortunate to enjoy more family stories this week in Preschool A. You can encourage your child to regale you with family tales by using the prompts below:

  • Which creature ate potato chips on Sophia’s family trip to Turks and Caicos? 
  • How did Sam’s car get stuck on their family vacation? 
  • What was Jai’s food of choice on their trip to Greece? 
  • Who played the role of “pirate” on the pirate ship in Jackson’s family story? 
  • What kind of pets did Amar get as a gift when he visited his relatives in India?

In Preschool B we are more than halfway through the Mercy Watson series and the children are loving every hilarious chapter. We were thrilled to see two brand new additions to the series at our own Book Fair—so the fun will continue even longer! On Friday morning we prepared and ate Mercy’s very favorite snack—toast with a great deal of butter. Delicious!

You may have noticed construction of a new rock climbing wall in the garden. With careful research and a thoughtful group comprised of teachers, administrators, and parent architects—we selected a climbing wall to exercise upper body strength in our preschoolers and kindergarteners. With clear ground rules and a sense of adventure, we’re looking forward to challenging your children with yet another wonderful addition to our garden. Stay tuned for the unveiling soon!

This year, our Student Council is hosting three different drives. For the first drive, we will be donating wet (canned) pet food for cats and dogs to PAWS, a pet adoption service based right here in Philadelphia that is dedicated to rescuing animals. Help our furry friends by adding your donation to one of the boxes in the preschool vestibule.

Finally, the preschoolers have been busy preparing for a concert on Friday, December 9, at 9:00 a.m. in the Garage. You and your family are all invited. Our preschoolers are so excited to perform and see you in the audience. The performance will last about 30 minutes, and there is no particular dress code, but if the students want to look a little extra special, that is always welcome. We look forward to sharing our cheer in song and movement with you before we break for the holidays!

Have a wonderful weekend,

The Preschool Team