Preschool Weekly Note

Dear Preschool families,

In our first full week of school, children eagerly entered the preschool and forged new friendships, immersing themselves happily in play and learning new routines. In fact, you may find that your children are a tad bit tired after their first “official” full week of preschool!

This week we met all of our wonderful specialists—we learned their names, classroom locations, and what kinds of fun, interactive learning is in store for us this year. In art class the children colored with Kait and shared their all-time favorite art activities. In Spanish class they learned Spanish words for our favorite colors with Madeline and Ramsey. Ask your child about some of the new words they learned in Spanish! In music we made name tags and learned a few new songs—ask your child about the jack-in-the-box song. We also traveled to the Garage for Movement, where many of the children were eager to meet Ramsey and play new games. Ask your child about our “Red Light, Green Light” game.

We had our first trek to Markward Playground; each child held on to a long, class rope as we traveled to the park. We met our neighbor Jezabel, owner of Jezabel’s, as the delicious smell of empanadas wafted out of her cafe! As if that wasn’t enough “new,” we also introduced our nature-inspired loft areas in both classrooms to your children. Ask your child if he/she had a turn playing on the second floor yet—where one child exclaimed, “the classroom looks different up here!”

In an effort to build community and good will, the preschool is looking closely at classroom rules and appropriate ways to keep our classrooms safe and healthy environments where children are kind and respectful with one another and their teachers. The Lavenders, Milkweeds, Peppermints, and Honeysuckles discussed ideas for our classroom rules. Here are some of the ideas they came up with:

  • No punching bodies
  • No head-butting
  • When we go to the park, no fooling around. We have to be VERY serious!

Look for our posted classroom rules, as we will be using them as a blueprint to inform community expectations and behavior in the preschool and beyond. Speaking of community, as we begin talking about families in the preschool, we ask that you bring in a 4x6 photo of your family. We will “grow” a family tree of all the preschoolers and their families in our building’s reception area! Thanks in advance for your help with this. If you haven’t already, please bring in a change of clothing (labeled) to keep in your child’s cubby. Also please apply sunscreen and/or bug spray to your children before they come to school.

Save the Date: We are very excited to share our all-school country classroom site, Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education, with all of you. Our Preschool Fall trip out to SCEE will be Friday, October 28. We welcome your family and encourage you to join us! The buses will leave school at 9:30am and return at approximately 1pm. You'll receive more information as we get closer to the date!

Have a wonderful weekend,

The Preschool Team