Preschool Weekly Note

Dear Parents,

It was wonderful to see all of you at conferences last week and to have a chance to catch up and fill you in on what’s been happening at school. Thank you for making the time to meet with us. Let’s do it again in March!

This has been an interesting week for all. Many of the children were thrilled to come to school on Tuesday wearing their “I Voted” stickers and talked all about going into a voting booth. Following election day, there were many thoughtful comments and questions about the outcome. We engaged in conversations about voting and what it feels like to win or to lose. When you’re 4, change can be challenging and feel unsettling at times. With uncertainty looming large, we reassured children by letting them know they were surrounded by people who love and care for them. Modeling our own resilience helps children feel safe and confident.

We have now shifted from looking at ourselves and our interests and talents to our families. We’re reading lots of family books, and we’ve already had a few parents come in with family stories. Thank you to Meghan (Hadley’s mom), Morgan and her mom (Sterling’s mom and grandma) and Taije (Rafa’s mom), who kicked off our family story program. They read stories and shared a related family tale. (Please let us know if you would like to set up a time to do that.)

This week in Preschool B, we did family portraits, many of which included an interesting assortment of dogs and cats! Preschool A was treated to a special family story this week when “Milkweed teacher” Mary Beth shared the touching story of how she and her husband, Rob, became a family through adoption. Mary Beth read a story about adoption — Karen Katz’s Over the Moon — and told us how she knew a baby was growing, not in her tummy, but in her heart, and in Rob’s heart, as well. And then, one day, while she was at school (actually telling a "Kaya story" on the way to the playground three years ago) she received a phone call with the wonderful news that Myles had arrived! The preschoolers shared thoughtful comments and delighted in hearing about Myles's long-awaited arrival. Mary Beth showed pictures of newborn "baby Myles" and talked about her tears of joy when she first held him in her arms. She lovingly provided a wonderful opportunity for our preschoolers to learn about becoming a family through adoption.

Next week Mary Beth will share her story with the children in Preschool B. We read a book about grandparents this week and Zoe’s grandmother, Nona, came in and shared the wonderful story on CD of “Peter and the Wolf.” Hugo’s family shared a story about his healthy stick collection and the fate of his family's car tires after they ran over some of his sticks—four times! You guessed it: They've had four flats and decided to migrate Hugo's stick collection to a different location in and around their home. Sanaa's family also joined us for a family story about their beloved cat, Roxie, and her outdoor adventure into their neighborhood when Sanaa was a baby.  Finally, Eila's family (who live across the street from the TPS Lombard Street building), invited us to visit their sweeping backyard to share preliminary ideas about a project in the works—a treehouse for Eila and her sister, Noa! Your children offered incredible ideas that included adding a porch, slide, rocking chair, and pulley system (to mention a few). Stay tuned as members of our class sketch out their ideas and help Jonathan (Eila's dad) innovate an urban treehouse nestled into an old tree in their yard.

Have a lovely fall weekend.

The Preschool Team