Preschool Weekly Note

Dear Parents,

After a cold and rainy start to the week, Mother Nature smiled on our first adventure to the Schuylkill Center today. What a wonderful way for us to introduce your children to the “country classroom” they’ll visit each week as kindergarteners — and then on through the years at TPS! We’d prepared for the trip by talking about all the things we might see on our visit, and we’re happy to report that we did, indeed, see many signs of spring — budding trees, bright yellow dandelions, and even some chirping birds.

Your children’s enthusiasm was palpable as we boarded two yellow school buses and headed out to our country classroom, where we hiked, peered through a special ‘bird blind,’and enjoyed lunch “al fresco.” A highlight for many children was our visit to the Pine Plantation — a magical forest where many large tree forts beckoned! Ask your child to tell you what he or she liked best about today’s adventure.

Thank you so much to all the parents who were able to join us today. We appreciate your help, and are delighted that you had the chance to enjoy our beautiful county classroom too. Please remember to do a thorough tick check on your child this evening.

In other news, the beautiful springtime weather inspired plenty of conversation about our next topic of study — birds! We’ve begun looking through picture books about birds (both fiction and non-fiction), and each classroom generated a list of things they already know about birds: “Some birds lay blue eggs.” “They fly away for winter.” “If you feed them, they come back.” Our current knowledge will be a springboard to discovering what else our preschool students would like to know. Stay tuned as our bird study takes flight! And, if there are any parents who are birdwatchers or have any other special connection to birds or birding, please let us know. We’d love to invite you in to share your expertise with us!

The Wonderers and Adventurers were treated to an additional sharing about tea this week when Penelope’s mom, Hien, joined us yesterday for an introduction to the Chinese wedding tea ceremony. We learned that the wedding couple presents cups of tea to their elders in a gesture of thankfulness, and then receives gifts, typically wrapped in red — the color of love. Hien passed out the actual gifts she’d received at her own wedding! Ask your child to tell you all about it.

A request from Preschool A - We need old broomsticks! The children in the Wonderers/Adventurers room will be creating musical instruments called "claves" later this month. Our plan is to repurpose old wooden handled items (e.g., brooms, rakes, dowels) so we can make music together! Please check your basements and closets -- we'd appreciate anything you can send our way.

Important Dates to Remember

  • Friday, April 22 - Faculty In-Service Day - No classes for students (Special ASEP program available)
  • Tuesday, May 3 - Move-up meeting in the kindergarten, 5:00 to 6:00pm. Learn about next year's program and meet the kindergarten faculty.
  • Friday, June 3rd - End-of-Year Breakfast

Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend!

The Preschool Team