Preschool Weekly Note

Dear Preschool Families,

We did it! We had our first few days of preschool this week and the children had a wonderful time getting to know their teachers and making new friends. Here are a few highlights your child may have shared with you this week:

In Maureen, Pam and Emily’s classroom there is a turtle named Myrtle and a fish tank full of friendly fish. In Lisa, Mary Beth and Madeline’s classroom there are two hermit crabs named Ruby and Frankie, and two gerbils—Silvery and Gold. Next time you’re in the classroom, have your child introduce you to their classroom pets!

Each day, your children participate in a morning and closing meeting. During meetings we sing songs, share news, play games, and learn more about one another. Most importantly, we share our daily schedule so the children know what to expect throughout their day at school. Closing meeting is a time to finish our day together and reflect on the learning and fun we’ve had with one another.

Our stunning garden is an outdoor classroom for both preschool and kindergarten. We spent time this week touring the different areas of discovery in our garden—art, digging, mud kitchen, stage, and raised beds for gardening are some of the areas we toured. Ask your child which areas they enjoyed!

We also met a few of our specialist teachers this week. Meg, our movement teacher, brought a parachute to our morning meetings and highlighted a few activities we can look forward to participating in when we visit her next week in the garage for Movement class. Our music teacher, Chris, visited the preschool and sang a few songs with us. We are eager to introduce your children to more specialist teachers next week!

We look forward to keeping you apprised of all things preschool right here in our TPS weekly note!


If you haven’t already, please bring in a change of clothing (labeled) to keep in your child’s cubby AND return the modes of address/name form to your child’s teacher.

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Preschool Team