Preschool Weekly Note

Dear Families,

What does it mean to be curious? In the words of one very astute preschooler, “it’s when you don’t know something and you’re really excited to find out!” What does it mean to be bored? Well — that one was a little trickier to answer. We had so much fun wondering aloud with your children about the answers to these questions. We asked the children to tell us what they like to do when they feel bored. A few mentioned playing with siblings, listening to music, or playing with their stuffies. Ask your child what he or she told us.

Our conversations about boredom and curiosity were carefully chosen as lead ins to an exciting new adventure in the preschool — an exploration of Lewis Carroll’s Adventures of Alice in Wonderland. (Many of you may have already guessed the answer to our last Weekly Note’s "mystery clues"!) The tale begins with Alice feeling a bit bored as she sits beside a river bank, and your children were awestruck indeed when a very real “Alice” came to visit our classroom on Wednesday afternoon. Alice (former TPS preschooler and current sixth grader Isabella Salvi) arrived, to our delight, wearing a blue dress and white pinafore, much like the one in the picture book version of the story. She regaled us with her tale of feeling "bored" and then following a white rabbit down, down, down the rabbit hole! Your children were completely captivated by Isabella’s rendering of her adventures, and plied her with so many amazing questions! Ask your child if she or he had a turn to talk to Alice.

During classroom project time, we looked carefully at some objects from the story (a collection of antique keys, a real pocket watch), as well as different illustrated versions of Alice going down the hole. Some children chose to work on portfolio-worthy observational drawings, while others had the opportunity to draw and paint scenes from the story. We look forward to slowly transforming our classrooms over the course of our adventure! Over the next several weeks we’ll read this story — a little bit each week — as we enter Alice’s magical world. We’ve left off this week with Alice arriving outside a locked door at the bottom of the rabbit hole. We are all wondering about what she might find when she turns the key to open the door!

Some important upcoming dates:

Friday, January 22nd - Crazy Hat, Hair and Pajama Day!  Send your children to school in pajamas! (No slippers please.) Your children can stay pajama-clad for the entire school day! We will be spending our usual outdoor time in the garden, so please be sure your child will be warm enough and/or has an extra change of clothes for outside time!

Thursday, February 11 - Annual Preschool Valentine Breakfast,  8-9 a.m. in the garage - Be our Valentine! A food and beverage sign-up sheet will be available in the coming weeks for the festivities. Prepare to be serenaded with love by your children!

We hope you enjoy the weekend, look forward to seeing everyone again on Tuesday!

The Preschool Team