Weekly Note

Dear Families,

If you are reading this on your phone, you’ll miss seeing the photos we’ve posted in the photo gallery alongside the Weekly Note. (These can be viewed when you log on using your laptop or computer.) We hope you’ll take a look at the gallery each week. It’s something we look forward to updating in order to best share photos of your children at work and play!

This morning’s trip to the Please Touch Museum proved there’s no better way to step into a story than to — well, step into it. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Alice and Wonderland Exhibit, as we explored in a “please touch” way so many of the whimsical elements of Lewis Carroll’s beloved tale! Thank you to our TPSA parent reps Marni Fogelson, Lauren Ravitz, Rebecca Alig, and Laura Lee Swan for accompanying us on our trip this morning. Your children had a delightful time — although we must confess that they were as enthused about riding the yellow school bus as anything else! In addition to the bus ride, ask your child about his or her favorite “please touch” adventure.

The Trailblazers and Explorers have been busy bees this week. We read Chapter 8 of Alice and were introduced to the Queen of Hearts (who seems to be in a very bad mood most of the time!) and all of her soldiers. We began the week by painting some roses red—the queen does not like white roses you know! We made heart crowns and practiced doing our best queen imitations. Many of us took turns learning about croquet. It wasn’t so easy and it must be really hard when your mallet is a flamingo! We learned the four suits of playing cards and figured out how to sort a deck into hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades. Then we made some giant playing cards so that we could be soldiers in the queen’s parade. We are in the final chapters of Alice — will she ever find her way back home?

In other news, the Adventurers and Wonderers brought out their very special tea cups again — this time for a delightful “Chai Tea Party.” Junior Unit teacher, Emily Sparks, joined us on Tuesday morning to share her recipe for grinding fresh spices to make Chai. Emily demonstrated her technique, using a mortar and pestle, and she encouraged us to smell the deliciousness of freshly ground cinnamon, cardamom and peppercorns. Afterwards, we took turns with the mortar and pestle and ground up enough spices to make our very own Wonderer/Adventurer Chai, served to taste! (Ask your child to show you the sign language for milk and honey.) On Wednesday morning, our community neighbor Jezabel Cariega, owner of Gavin’s Cafe, joined us for morning meeting. Jezabel brought along a collection of tea cups and pitchers and introduced the children to the fine art of greeting customers at a cafe (or, in our case, a tea shop.) Several children took on the role of customer, while others practiced asking, “How can I help you?” and “Would you like some milk with your tea?” Jezabel reinforced the idea of making eye contact with customers and using good old-fashioned manners. We were delighted to see your children respond with such enthusiasm to Jezabel’s lesson! On Thursday morning, we used colored pencils to create ‘observational drawings’ of porcelain tea pots. Your children were incredibly focused as they worked; we look forward to sharing their impressive drawings during conferences.

Some of you have asked about child care during the time of your conference. If you need child care during your conference time, it will be available in the Lombard Street building from 7:30am to 5:30 pm. (This is only for TPS-enrolled children.) A receptionist will direct you to the room where supervision will be available. Children may not wait in the office.

Mark your calendars!

Friday, April 15 - Our annual spring visit to the Schuylkill Center (9:30am-1:00pm) Parents and younger siblings are invited to accompany us aboard yellow school buses as we adventure out to TPS’ official country classroom. More details will follow, but save the date if you can join us. (Rain date, if needed, is May 13th.)

Friday, June 3 - Our annual Bug Breakfast. Similar to the Valentine’s Breakfast, the Preschool Bug Breakfast will feature breakfast foods for everyone, activities for the children and some catchy bug tunes! Stay tuned for more details; June will be here before we know it!