Preschool Weekly Note

Dear Families,

This week was filled with both hilarity and mystery in the Trailblazer and Explorers’ classroom. First, we hosted a grand gala, during which we danced the Lobster Quadrille. Each lobster child partnered with a turtle child and stepped to the tune of the mock turtle’s song. Later, we were faced with a true mystery. Who stole the Queen of Hearts tarts? Dressed in costume, we held a mock trial, with the King as judge. Several characters were called as witnesses. The Mad Hatter trembled with fear while the Cook shouted “No!” and sprinkled pepper everywhere. Finally, Alice declared the entire trail to be ridiculous, with no one present but a deck of playing cards!

The Wonderers and Adventurers took a trip to a sunny island off the coast of Thailand… to visit Avery Luk and his family on Skype! Your children were very happy to virtually reunite with Avery— sharing updates on our tea study, our journal writing, and our visit to the Please Touch Museum. Avery shared that he, too, has been adventuring—kayaking, motorcycling, swimming, and even riding on an elephant! We look forward to welcoming Avery back from his trip after spring break and hearing more about his family time in Hong Kong, too!

Speaking of tea, this week our very own Carol Lerner (business office) and Jillian Whitaker (facilities) visited our classroom to wax poetic about their favorite teas. Carol is a fan of teas from China—red, black, and green. She also shared a rare, hand-rolled variety of tea called Black Dragon Pearls. Ask your child what it smelled like! Jillian prefers herbal teas, such as caramel, orange spice, Sleepytime, and other soothing delights. We watched as they steeped their favorite teas in mason jars to demonstrate the diversity in concentration and hues.

Wondering further how teas are made, we watched a short video entitled, “How It’s Made - Tea.” We were so inspired by what we saw, we crafted tea terraces out of clay and blended our own loose leaf teas. Ask your child about their favorite part of the video. Finally, our very own Madeline (a.k.a. “Medicine Madeline”) shared her facility for explaining the medicinal properties of tea to our class. Did you know that fennel and ginger can help cure nausea? With an offering of fennel, orange peels, cranberry, ginger root, apple seeds and echinacea, Madeline explained the importance of taking care of our earth so we can continue to enjoy the herbs, spices, and foods that possess restorative qualities for those of us who drink tea!

In both classrooms we introduced journal writing. Each child has his/her own journal, and once or twice a week, they are asked to draw a picture of anything they wish. Afterwards, with a teacher’s help, the children write a caption for that illustration. The children seem very excited to have a book of their own to record some of their ideas and observations. We will be happy to share the work they’ve done so far with you at parent-teacher conferences next week.

We all enjoyed the Really Rosie show this morning. Many of the actors are our lunch helpers and older siblings. Thank you for getting your children to school in time for the performance.

Upcoming events:

  • Friday, April 15 - Our annual spring visit to the Schuylkill Center (9:30am-1:00pm) Parents and younger siblings are invited to accompany us aboard yellow school buses as we venture out to our school's’ official country classroom. More details will follow, but save the date if you can join us. (Rain date, if needed, is May 13th.)
  • Friday, June 3 - Our annual Bug Breakfast. Similar to the Valentine’s Breakfast, the Preschool Bug Breakfast will feature breakfast foods for everyone, activities for the children and some catchy bug tunes! Stay tuned for more details; June will be here before we know it!

Have a great weekend.

The Preschool Team