Preschool Weekly Note

Dear Parents,

Well it may not feel like May—-but it is! It’s hard to believe that we are beginning the final weeks of the school year. But when you look at the children you can easily see how much they’ve grown and how ready they are for the next step.

We are continuing to learn lots about birds. We are so excited that a mama robin has chosen to build her nest in the evergreen tree in our garden so we can watch the process that we’ve been learning about. The Primary Unit (first and second grade) is also studying birds, and in the next few weeks we will begin to share what we’ve all learned with each other. In addition to building nests with natural materials from the garden, this week we made edible nests made with Shredded Wheat cereal and marshmallows. The children formed little nests and then filled them with eggs (raisins, sunflower seeds and craisins.) Yum!

This week the Adventurers and Wonderers were treated to the awe-inspiring panoply of the egg in a stunning book entitled An Egg is Quiet by Diana Hutts Aston. The illustrations (Sylvia Long) inspired us to make our own eggs with watercolors and special paper. Each child chose a different shape/size egg to paint. The artistry of watercolor continued when another group of children were molding model magic clay into shapely eggs and adding a signature watercolor finish to their work. Look for these works of art on display in our classroom early next week! Retired longtime TPS teacher Judith Parker stopped by to drop off some additional secondary resources on birds—books and calendars. Straightaway, your children began guessing which birds were photographed in the monthly spread and earnestly pored over the books! Ask your child what kind of bread we baked this week to celebrate birds and their dietary preferences!

We don’t know if you’ve noticed but we have a new addition to our garden (besides the robin!). Eric and Jason, our backyard landscaping pals, have built us a beautiful balance beam snake. They did it after we left on Tuesday so it was a surprise to all of us on Wednesday morning. If you haven’t seen it, please come and check it out.

Thanks to everyone who came to the Kindergarten Move-Up Meeting. If you weren’t able to make it, check in with us so we can fill you in on what you missed.

In the spirit of giving you some advance warning—-on Friday, May 20, as our incredible volunteer design team works diligently to turn the Garage and garden into the beautiful venue for EATS, we will help them out by doing an indoor dismissal. So on that afternoon, there will be no playing in the garden at dismissal. We’ll continue to remind you as the date gets closer.

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there.

The Preschool Team