Preschool Weekly Note

Dear Families,

This week, the preschool teaching team had the wonderful opportunity to meet with you in a quiet and uninterrupted space, comparing observations, asking questions and making plans for the unfolding year. We appreciate your partnership and thank you for sharing your beautiful children with us.

We were treated to a very special family story this week when Adventurers’ teacher Mary Beth, joined by her husband Rob and their son Myles, shared the touching story of how they became a family through adoption. Mary Beth first told us how she and Rob met and married and decided they wanted a family. Though a baby didn’t grow in Mary Beth's tummy, Mary Beth and Rob eagerly hoped for a baby of their own . . . and then one day, while Mary Beth was at school (actually telling a "Kaya story" on the way to the playground), she received a phone call with the wonderful news that Myles had arrived! The preschoolers asked thoughtful questions of Mary Beth and Rob and delighted in two-year-old Myles’ antics as he grinned and entertained us with his charming smile. Mary Beth showed pictures of newborn baby Myles and talked about her tears of joy. She then read us a story about adoption - Karen Katz’s Over the Moon. We are so grateful to Mary Beth and Rob for lovingly providing such a wonderful opportunity for our preschoolers to learn about becoming a family through adoption.

The Wonderers and Adventurers were introduced to four new “friends” this week as part of our prosocial “doll stories” curriculum. The doll characters sprung to life when we unveiled their images on classroom unit blocks during yesterday’s morning meeting. Andreas, Luke, Kate, and Sonya are friends who like to play tag at their local park. Ask your child what happens in our story when one child is the recipient of teasing behavior from another. We learned the meanings of four “behavior roles” through the lens of our doll story: a teaser, target, upstander, and bystander. Ask your child which role each character played in this particular scenario. Stay tuned for more doll stories and a change in who “tries on” each of the four behavior roles. Your children were incredibly articulate about what they saw happening in our scenario and enjoyed watching their teachers “perform” a story! The Wonderers and Adventures also enjoyed two family stories this week. Penelope’s dad, Dylan, told us the story of Penelope’s trip to the doctor while Dad was away on business. (She needed stitches!) Something very similar had happened a few years earlier to big sister Sylvia — again while Dad was out of town! This afternoon Ronan’s mom, Kara, came in and shared a story about a family vacation. Ronan hurt his foot at day care just before their vacation started, and he had to wear a special boot on his foot whenever he was up and about. Ask your child to tell you all about it!

The Explorers and Trailblazers are carefully observing the seasonal changes in the garden. A family of two mice have set up residence just outside our window. When all is quiet, we have a close-up view as they nibble sunflower seeds and dart in and out of the pumpkin shells. A squirrel has also discovered this happy feeding spot. It is fascinating to watch how these animals share their food and their habitat. Emily helped the children harvest the last of the tomatoes, many of which are hard and green. When placed in a sunny window, some ripened while others did not. We sliced the tomatoes, along with basil from the garden and loaves of bread. Friday’s snack consisted of homemade bruschetta. We are also continuing our exploration of the many different kinds of families we see all around us. Every student began their own “family book,” with pages to be filled in over the next few weeks. Look for your child’s book to come home over the Thanksgiving break.

Preschool parents are welcome to begin using the morning drop-off system at the school gate. Between 8:00 and 8:20 am, children can be dropped off at the curb; an administrator will help them out of the car and make sure students are safely escorted to their classroom, where teachers will help them sign-in and organize their belongings. Parents are asked to communicate their child’s end-of-day plans to the front desk and to the teachers by email and/or phone call. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Preschool Team