Preschool Weekly Note

Dear Families,

December is here! How did that happen?

The Trailblazers and Explorers have finished Phase 1 of our Family Study. We hope you had a chance to read your children's Family Stories. Phase 2 is the study of an important member of our classroom family – Myrtle the Turtle. This week we have read stories about all sorts of turtles, and we now know that Myrtle is an Eastern Painted turtle. We learned how to tell the difference between mammals (fur or hair), birds (feathers), and reptiles (scales). We spent some time doing careful observations of Myrtle, and then we did some observational drawings. We decided to create a “play-space” for Myrtle. We read about a turtle’s outdoor habitat, and we went into the garden and collected rocks, sticks, sand and dirt. Then we carefully constructed a new habitat in a galvanized tub and let Myrtle get in and try it out. She loved it!! Here are some questions to ask your child about the week:

  • What do Eastern Painted turtles look like?
  • What is a baby turtle called?
  • What is an egg tooth?
  • hat do baby turtles do as soon as they hatch?

We carefully observed what Myrtle’s favorite foods are and they are NOT CARROTS! On Friday we peeled many carrots, but we had to eat them ourselves!

Our “Homes” project is nearing completion in the Wonderers and Adventurers room. This week the children worked with wooden clothespins, markers, fabric, and yarn to create people to occupy their homes. Soon we’ll add some furniture to our very special project. Meanwhile, family stories continue to inspire and entertain! Abby’s mom, Leah, visited and shared the story of how Abby broke her leg in three places when she was just two years old. We all had an opportunity to look at the cast up close when we signed it on Wednesday morning! Maya’s parents, Erica and Kevin, and younger brother Elijah visited on Tuesday afternoon and shared the story of a visit to Minnesota when Maya was two years old. Erica was performing there, and the family lived in a hotel room for two months! Erica shared her beautiful operatic voice with us – ask your child to tell you which fruit she sang about! In other singing news, we were delighted when Layla’s big sister, Mariama, visited our classroom on Wednesday. She sang to us at quiet time, accompanied on guitar by our resident musician Brian Jordan. In other “family news,” our Doll Story characters reappeared at Wednesday’s morning meeting. While three of the characters were playing a game of family, one child was initially left out of the game. Ask your child to tell you about what happened, and about who the “upstander” was.

Our friend Jezabel, owner of Gavin’s Cafe, also visited the Adventurers and Wonderers this week. She told us about her family in Argentina and shared a special song about our “manitos” (little hands) that she sang when she was a little girl! On “playground days” we often stop by Gavin’s Cafe to say “Buenos Dias” to Jezabel, and we were delighted to introduce this community member to our classroom. In anticipation of our Friday baking project, the children took turns voting on Thursday morning to see whether we’d bake banana bread or pumpkin bread. Each child chose either an orange or yellow unifix cube to represent his or her vote. Ask your child to tell you about the final count – the vote was very, very close!

The Preschool/Kindergarten Winter Concert and Sing will be on Friday, December, 11th in the Garage from 9:00 to 9:30. All parents and family members are welcome to attend. The children are excited to share the songs they have been practicing this semester. There will be room in front of the audience chairs for family members who would like to sit on the floor closer to the students. There will be a sing-along at the end of the concert and we look forward to making music together with you!

Enjoy a Wonderful Weekend,

The Preschool Team