Preschool Weekly Note

There is nothing quite like the voices of singing children to lift our spirits and bring a smile to our faces. We hope you enjoyed this year’s winter concert. Thank you for sharing your beautiful children with our school community.

Your collective shoebox donations are helping us convey the cozy state of ‘home’ with our families so beautifully. The Adventurers and Wonderers have been placing the final touches on their beloved “Homes” project. Furniture carefully fabricated with wood, glue, and adorning textiles will round out these transformed shoeboxes. You are invited to spend some extra time in our classroom on Thursday, December 17th between 8:00-8:45 a.m. to "tour" your child's creation. We are looking forward to sharing our work with you next week!

We will be wrapping up our “Family Story” series next week and have been incredibly grateful for your participation in our study. This week, Sammy was joined by his parents to tell us a family story about a trip to the beach. Swimming and snacking are some of the things they love to do most while enjoying the rhythmic pattern of the waves rolling in and away from the shoreline. Max and his parents shared a video capturing the moment Max learned he was going to become a big brother. As the camera panned to Max, he asked his mom and dad, “Will he (the baby) be funny? Will he try and take a toy from me?” What a joy it was to see this special moment captured on video. Aylah’s family is currently enjoying a visit from their “Nana,” who is here all the way from Australia. Aylah’s dad, Paul, shared the Australian flag as Aylah showed us photographs of the family’s visits to Australia over the years. They also read a book about an animal native to Australia—wombats. Nahmee’s family shared a Korean first birthday tradition, Dol, that involves the celebrated child wearing traditional Korean clothing and choosing between several objects—string (long life), rice (never hungry), pen/pencil (a scholar), and money (prosperous/wealth). As Nahmee confidently walked (yes, she was walking at 1!) to the pencil and picked it up, everyone in her extended family cheered and the cameras flashed. We couldn’t be more tickled to hear each child’s family story!

Finally, your children were a captive audience this week when our Doll Story characters were involved with a dramatic play scenario that included pretend dogs. One of the Dolls feels like a “target”—ask your child why.

There were many family happenings in the Trailblazer and Explorer’s room this week. Faith and her Daddy shared a very funny video about their family vacation in Virginia. Whitney and her Mom told us the story of Hanukah. We feasted on homemade latkes and applesauce for snack. On Thursday, a surprise visitor arrived. His name is Snappy, and he is a red-eared slider turtle. Snappy came to us from the Primary B classroom across the street in the Lombard building. Upon his arrival, we placed Snappy in a tub right next to Myrtle. We used our scientific observation skills, noticing the similarities and differences between the two turtles. It was tempting to assume that Myrtle must be Snappy’s child, since she is the smaller of the two. It soon became apparent that Snappy has very different markings on his shell. He has a different nose and was not at all interested in coming out of his shell. We continued our experiment by placing the two turtles in the same tub. What a learning experience! Myrtle immediately approached Snappy, who stayed curled inside his shell. When she got too close, Snappy chomped down hard on her leg and would not let go. Much to our distress, the two turtles had to be pried apart. We quickly separated them and learned from our experience; there are many different kinds of turtles and, while in the same family, they might not want to share the same habitat (not so unlike us)!

During Thursday’s project time, the Trailblazers and Explorers took their knowledge of turtles and applied it to the culinary arts. Children were supplied with rice cakes, raisins, cucumber slices, cream cheese, apple butter, sun butter and pretzel sticks. Their challenge was to create a snack that resembled a turtle. The results were delicious! Children also designed their own turtle puppets, using paint, paper, glue and google eyes. There will soon be 22 different turtles making their way into your homes.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather.

The Preschool Team