Preschool Weekly Note

Dear Preschool Families,

Diving "beaks-first" into our study of birds, we had many hands-on opportunities to learn more about our feathered friends and their nest-making habits. The Trailblazers and Explorers read the book Cradles in the Trees: The Story of Bird Nests by Patricia Brennan Demuth and observed a real robin’s nest before crafting their own. Enjoy these beauties of nature, now spread throughout our garden! Using seeds, fruits, and Cheerios, we also made bird feeders and anchored them throughout our garden to attract hungry birds. Like true ornithologists, we can’t wait to observe the birds feeding from our creations!

The Adventurers and Wonderers had their own nesting excitement this week. We enjoyed observing a robin’s nest and discussed the myriad materials that birds use to make a nest. Equipped with yarn, sticks, hay, and moss, we labeled each item by hand and set them out on a picnic table in our garden. We watched closely during our garden play time to see if any birds would visit our supply station for nesting materials! One child reported early Thursday morning at drop-off that most of the sticks were gone. Ask your child to show you the location of our nesting supply station next week! One of our favorite parts of working with such a talented faculty and staff at TPS is that their expertise and interests span… well, everything! We learned that Primary Unit teacher Ben Warrington is an avid birdwatcher with a passion for songbirds who frequents Tinicum Park. Ben displayed beautiful photographs of various birds and played a “Guess Who?” game with the class using recorded birdcalls. Your children enjoyed hearing both familiar and new sounds connected to these birds. The children were also delighted to learn that the Eastern Towhee’s call sounds very similar to someone shouting, “drink your tea! drink your tea! drink your tea!” We giggled as we fondly recalled our previous study on tea! Ask your child about the special tool Ben uses when he is birdwatching.

Finally, we were also treated to a lesson on the son clave this week, a rhythmic pattern used as a tool for temporal organization in Afro-Cuban music. Max’s dad, Chris, joined us this week with two beautiful bongos, a speaker to amplify "Guantanamera" (a classic Cuban anthem highlighting the use of son clave), and wooden dowels tailored to fit easily into your child’s hands. Each of us had an opportunity to dance using our own claves, and practice the “son clave” which Chris described as the backbone of a song’s composition. Your children happily chatted and sang while they painted their new percussion instruments. We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Chris for this wonderful lesson. Enjoy making new music at home!

Noteworthy dates

  • Tuesday, May 3 - Move-up meeting in the kindergarten, 5:00 to 6:00pm. Learn about next year's program and meet the kindergarten faculty.
  • Friday, June 3rd - Bird Breakfast

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Preschool Team